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This initiative is a project of the National Human Services Assembly and is generously funded by The Kresge Foundation and Annie E. Casey Foundation.
Reflecting on Our First Year of Reframing
Happy New Year to the National Reframing Human Services Network! As our sector looks to the year ahead of us, we know how important it will be to effectively engage the public as vocal advocates for human services. Fortunately, we spent 2016 preparing for this moment. We thought we would share some key highlights from the National Human Services Assembly’s (NHSA) first full year of mobilizing the human service sector around FrameWorks Institute’s research-based reframing recommendations.

NHSA’s goal in 2016 was to provide the sector with the tools and resources necessary to start reframing communications with the Building Well-Being Narrative. Our strategies included broad dissemination nationally, as well as more targeted efforts with specific national, state, and local partners.
2016 Mobilization Highlights
  • 58 Workshops. 3,000 Participants. NHSA’s Reframing Team led a total 58 workshops, webinars, and presentations in communities across the country, attracting over 3,000 participants over the course of the year. We partnered to provide learning opportunities nationally and at the state and local levels:
    • National. We conducted workshops and presentations at conferences and summits for many of our national partners, including the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, The Arc, APHSA, Feeding America, the Lutheran Services in America Disability Network, and Volunteers of America.
    • State & Local. We partnered with state and local organizations to conduct trainings targeted to the needs of specific communities, including Austin, Chicago, Denver, New York, Peoria, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC.
  • Doubling our Reach. The Reframing Network newsletter list doubled in size, with almost 1,300 people now signed up and receiving biweekly tips and resources on reframing human services.
  • Targeted Implementation. In the fall of 2016, we initiated ongoing, targeted implementation efforts, including strategic guidance and technical assistance, with select national and local partners, including: The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, Volunteers of America, One Voice Central Texas, the Human Services Council (New York), and Illinois Partners for Human Service. We will share the results of our partners’ reframing work through this newsletter over the next several months. 
We’re excited about the progress that we made together in 2016 and we look forward to our continued work as a field in 2017. Please stay tuned for more.
This week, we highlight the reframing leadership of our partners at the Human Services Council (HSC) in New York. At the end of 2016, HSC’s Board of Directors adopted a new mission statement that incorporates the reframing research. Prior to reframing, the mission statement read “HSC strengthens the not-for-profit human services sector’s ability to improve the lives of New Yorkers in need.”

We’re excited to share HSC’s beautifully reframed mission statement, which makes explicit that all New Yorkers benefit from human services:
HSC strengthens New York's nonprofit human service sector, ensuring all New Yorkers, across diverse neighborhoods, cultures, and generations reach their full potential.
This is a great example of the big impact that a few subtle changes can have on how well the value and importance of the sector gets conveyed to the public.
As 2016 wound down, NHSA’s Reframing Team hit the road for a number of presentations and workshops, including: 
  • A half-day workshop at Nonprofit Westchester’s annual meeting, in Westchester, NY;
  • Two half-day workshops for members of the Human Services Council in New York City;
  • A workshop and lively dialogue at the Human Service Network of Colorado’s Annual Real-World Advocacy Day in Denver;
  • Two days of workshops with Eastside Human Services Forum in Kirkland, WA and the City of Bellevue, WA.
  • A full day of workshopping, planning, and plotting with human service leaders across Illinois who work with and advocate for older adults. 
If you’re interested in bringing a reframing presentation, workshop, or webinar to your network, contact Ilsa Flanagan, Director of the National Reframing Initiative, for details.
Groups of Reframing training attendees at the Human Service Network of Colorado’s Annual Real-World Advocacy Day in Denver.
We have a robust set of free tools to better equip you integrating this new narrative into your communications strategies.
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