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July, 2019 - In this issue
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I grew up at and belonged to a “middle market” club that no longer exists.  I remember often appealing to the club leadership that the club “needed to decide what it wanted to be when it grew up.”  Unfortunately, they declined to look ahead and (like so many other clubs in recent times), failed.  The club is currently being developed as a mixed-use commercial/residential complex.  They never developed and cultivated a brand.
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Among the more interesting aspects of golf and club real estate tax assessments are the different perspectives often taken by the taxpayer and taxing authority sides.  Having served as an expert for both sides, I’ve learned that an accurate estimate of value relies heavily on one simple principle.
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This weekend, I was approached by our club president asking about how we could get one of our courses to be considered (more favorably) by the various course rankings.  It made me recall the first version of this post from 2014 and while I don’t typically “recycle” posts, I thought it appropriate in this case.

​Golf course rankings are an important element in the ever competitive golf industry and given their subjective nature, I thought it would be interesting to explore the process and elements of the major course ranking sources, and most importantly, how you can make them work for your club or course.

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