Join us for a brand new year of cryptologic programs & activities....
Join us for a brand new year of cryptologic programs & activities....
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This e-newsletter features information about the February NCMF Cryptologic Program Featuring Retired CIA Officer & Disguise Expert
Ms. Jonna Mendez; Cryptologic Hall of Honor Nominations;
Suits & Spooks DC Conference Reminder, News from the Blog, plus Upcoming Event & Activity Dates. 
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 *** 19 FEB 2020 ***
Winter Cryptologic Program Featuring Ms. Jonna Mendez
CIA Officer (Ret), Author, & Disguise Expert

CIA's Former Chief of Disguise Tells All 

Can you change your appearance completely while walking down a crowded street in Moscow?  Can you elude the KGB by pressing a button while rounding a corner?  Can you fool the president while briefing him in the Oval Office? CIA Officer (Ret) and Author/Disguise Expert Jonna Mendez, tells all in her presentation to the NCMF on Wednesday, 19 February 2020 in Annapolis Junction, MD. Tickets are $25 and include lunch. Save the date or register early. MORE.
*** We also encourage you to download the Program Flyer (see button below) and share with your colleagues, friends, and communities.
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 ******* Deadline is 14 February 2020 *******

The Foundation Invites your Nominations for the NSA/CSS Cryptologic Hall of Honor......

The Hall of Honor, exhibited in the National Cryptologic Museum, was created in 1998 to
pay tribute to Americans and others who have given especially distinguished service to the United States in cryptology and its related fields.

The Foundation makes nominations to the NSA Center for Cryptologic History of candidates for induction into the Hall of Honor.
The nominee must have made significant contributions to the security of the United States in the field of cryptology either by one important achievement or contributions over a career. The nominee must be retired from active duty for a minimum of 10 years.
Although you can nominate an individual at any point during the year, the deadline to be considered for the 2020 Hall of Honor is 14 February 2020.
Visit our HALL OF HONOR page to learn more and get nomination tips. 
The 10th Anniversary Suits and Spooks Conference in DC (Feb 6-7, 2020) features an exciting array of speakers. Take a peek at the "Run of Show" brochure.
Great News! Make a $100 donation to the NCMF's New Museum Project & save $100 on your Suits & Spooks conference registration. LEARN MORE.
Visiting the National Cryptologic Museum often inspires guests to learn more, pursue a new field of study or career, or share with others via their own writing, photography, and more. After a recent visit to the Museum, Mr. Jason Bowling was inspired to further research and write about how SIGABA's encryption stayed secure as Enigma fell. Check out his article....
  • 23-26 JAN 2020 - USAFSS/ ESC/ AIA Reunion in St. Augustine, FL. MORE
  • 28 & 29 JAN 2020 - Date Night at the Museum: An Escape Room. SOLD OUT.
  • 6-7 FEB 2020 - Suits and Spooks DC. MORE.
  • 8 FEB 2020 - Boy Scout Day at the NCM. Stay Tuned.
  • 14 FEB 2020 - Deadline for Hall of Honor Submissions. MORE.
  • 19 FEB 2020 - NCMF Cryptologic Program with Ms. Jonna Mendez. MORE.
  • 28 FEB 2020 - NCM Lecture Series: The Invisible Cryptologists. Stay Tuned.
  • 5 MAR 2020  - AFCEA MD Luncheon: Speaker Mr. Chris Inglis. MORE.
  • 7 MAR 2020 - K9 Demo to Honor National K9 Veterans Day. Stay Tuned.
  • 14 MAR 2020 - Pi Day at the Museum. Stay Tuned.
  • 19 MAR 2020 - NCM Lecture Series: Queens of Code. Stay tuned.
  • 25 MAR 2020 - NCM Lecture Series: Women in Cryptology. Stay Tuned.
  • 28 MAR 2020 - Girl Scout Day at the NCM. Stay Tuned.
    **** Please visit this link for more military reunion info.
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