Greenspan Floortime Reminders for the New Year
Greenspan Floortime Reminders for the New Year
The Floor Times 
from The Greenspan Floortime Approach®
01 February 2018
With a new year beginning it's a time to start fresh.  Often we focus on getting back to the basics and focus on our priorities like health and family.  Hopefully, this means less time for all of us on screens and more time spent interacting and having fun.  There isn't a better time than the present to make these changes and begin or expand your floortime journey. 
For those of you getting started on a Greenspan Floortime journey, please watch the new Learning Tree Presentation.  You should also listen to Dr. Greenspan explain the importance of developmentally appropriate interactions and co-regulated interactions in January's clips. 
For those of you ready to jump in and do more Greenspan Floortime, please use the pointers from the Greenspan Floortime Cheat Sheet below or get a copy of The Floortime Manual for yourself.  You can now buy 2 at a discounted rate and give one to a therapist, family, or friend.

An Excerpt from The Floortime Manual™
Greenspan Floortime™: Cheat Sheet
  • Always give before you expect- have fun before you challenge. Listen before you ask a child to listen to you, respect a child’s needs and wants before you expect them to respect yours.  
    • Sometimes to get an interaction going you will need to do something first (give) to get a response from a child. Being silly and giving sensory input are two good options.

  • Always treat a child’s behavior and actions as purposeful, even if you don’t know what they mean. Most behaviors are driven by emotions and/or sensory seeking/reactions.  Don’t ignore or shut down either.

  • Always respond to your child’s gestures, sounds, and words with exaggerated affirmation.  If they tap you or nudge you, move as if they were firmly tugging you.  If they make noises, then make enthusiastic noises back giving their sounds purpose.

  • Always try to entice a child to perform, don’t direct or push them to do something.

  • Always focus on the Process over Product.  The goal is always the interaction and longer more complex interactions. Getting a child to say a specific word or perform a specific action, doesn’t lead to long-term benefits.  

Thank you all for applying to our NEW Certification Program. 

For the few professionals already accepted, congratulations.  For those that have pre-applied for the Educator or Mental Health Certification, we will be sending a more formal application soon.

If you would like to pre-apply click here 

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