Alumni Award Winners, Faculty Publications, And More
Alumni Award Winners, Faculty Publications, And More
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Construction crew members at 2011 Ribbon-cutting for 11th Street bridge over Anacostia River 
WSJ and Atlantic feature Brooks on Rising Infrastructure Costs Dr. Leah Brooks' research on rising infrastructure and housing costs is featured in The Wall Street Journal article Why Is U.S. Infrastructure So Costly—and What Can We Do About It? and the Atlantic's Why Your House Was So Expensive. Brooks also was interviewed by Marketplace in the podcast What can the producer price index tell us about inflation?. Read about Dr. Brooks' research on highway infrastructure costs here
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Bearfield Challenges Beliefs 

Dr. Domonic Bearfield's new book examines the concept of bureaucratic neutrality in American public administration. It argues that many of the concepts and practices that emerged to combat discrimination and corruption in the public sector reinforce existing hierarchies. Continued belief in the myth of bureaucratic neutrality has significantly slowed progress toward greater equality for women, minorities, and other marginalized groups. Bureaucratic neutrality establishes the idea that the public sector is guided by rules and norms giving people a sense of fairness, legitimacy, and competency. 
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Cover of Dr. Newcomer's book on Enagement for Equitable Outcomes
Newcomer Advising on Evidence-Building 
Dr. Kathryn Newcomer volunteered her summer giving webinars on evidence building and equity-focused engagement. Audiences included the Department of Labor, Department of Homeland Security, and American Society of Public Administrators (ASPA). ASPA members may view this summer’s webinar for free here. You can find Dr. Newcomer’s latest book, Engagement for Equitable Outcomes: A Practitioner’s Playbookhere
Cover of Dr. Redburn's book 'the politics of fiscal responsibility'
Redburn's Expertise on Fiscal Politics 
Dr. Steve Redburn's book discusses how, in the wake of the financial shock in 2008, the European Community’s member states imposed on themselves an austere regime of fiscal targets and enforcement procedures to control deficits and debt. Results of a decade of fiscal austerity were less than impressive. Based on this, readers are asked whether the U.S. has properly defined fiscal policy targets and what should be our fiscal strategy. 
Tuch Improves Critical Consumption of Research
Dr. Steven Tuch and co-authors guide new consumers and producers of social science research in their book published by Cambridge University Press. They cover concepts and basic tools, along with real-life examples, to better understand research design and analysis and the potential impact and implications of social science research for policy and practice.  
Dr. Charita Castro
Dr. Rachel Breslin
Broad Branch Stream
Broad Branch Stream 

2022 Alumni Award Winners 
You are invited to congratulate our alumni winners in person.  
  • Distinguished Alumni Award: Dr. Charita Castro, Deputy Assistant, United States Trade Representative for Labor Affairs

  • Recent Alumni Award: Dr. Rachel Breslin, Chief of Military Gender Relations Research in the Office of People Analytics in the Department of Defense

  • NEW Inaugural Capstone Achievement Award: "A Cost Benefit Analysis of the Broad Branch Stream Restoration" project by Lorenzo Cinalli, Erin Hill, Eric Palagonia, Hannah Greenfader Demel, and Sara Peluso. Clients were the National Park Service (NPS) and D.C. Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE).   
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