New program | Inspect your roof | Homeownership month
New program | Inspect your roof | Homeownership month
    June 2023                                                                                                 Donate now

Happy homeownership month!

In the last 12 months, we’ve empowered 14 Central Florida families to become homeowners with affordable mortgages. These photos capture the infectious joy as they embarked on their new homeownership journeys. Congratulations to the new homeowners and a big thank you to all of the supporters who make our work possible!

New program: Habitat Inspects

Sign up for our June 28 Disaster Preparedness class

This new program provides tools and education on topics including home insurance and home inspections. Program participants may be able to reduce their home insurance costs, and uncover home maintenance issues and critical home preservation obstacles. You may be eligible to receive a free voucher for a wind mitigation inspection ($150 value)! 
1. Watch the video above to learn more.
2. Visit our website to register for an upcoming class.
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This program is made possible by Universal Orlando Foundation, with support from Wesco and Duke Energy.

Help us score a home run in donations

We're featured by Suncoast Credit Union this month

Each time a Tampa Bay Rays player gets a hit throughout the month of June, Suncoast will donate $78. At the end of the month, they divide that amount up based on the percentage of votes among three nonprofits. Please vote to help us score a home run in donations to contribute toward homeownership and home preservation in Central Florida!

From the build site

Thank you, May Team Build sponsors!

Thank you to Wesco, Commercial Design Services, Travelers, Enterprise Holdings, and Orlando Health who came out to the build site in May to help us build more affordable housing. We appreciate your donation of time, talent, and treasure! Our build site is now closed for the summer. We're excited to welcome a full roster of corporate groups in September!
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Vote for us in Best of Orlando

We're nominated for Best Home Builder and Best Charitable Group in Orlando Weekly's Best of Orlando Reader's Poll! To submit your vote, please visit: 
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Homeownership Tips

From the experts in our Program Services and Construction departments

Know what your home insurance policy covers

Homeowner's insurance documents can be difficult to understand. It is important for homeowners to understand what their policy covers. With the increases in homeowners’ insurance and the demands of life, we need to know what we are paying for.  
Knowing what your policy covers helps you to:
  1. Prepare for when a disaster hits.
  2. Know where to make policy adjustments to fit your current needs.
  3. Know what is NOT covered under your current policy.
  4. Shop around for a more affordable policy when needed. 
  • Get an extensive breakdown of your insurance here.
  • Learn what to do if your insurance policy gets dropped here.
  • Habitat Orlando & Osceola has introduced the Habitat Inspects program to help homeowners reduce their home insurance costs and uncover maintenance issues and critical home preservation obstacles. Qualified applicants will receive a free voucher for a Wind Mitigation inspection ($150 value). Learn about our criteria and get started here.

Inspect your roof now to prevent costly damage later

Given the unpredictable weather Central Florida has been experiencing, compounded with increasing costs and demands from home insurance providers, keeping your roof in good shape is essential to protecting your home, property, and family. Checking your roof’s condition at least twice per year, and preferably after a significant weather event (i.e. hurricane), will help you keep on top of any simple maintenance and repairs that can prevent costly damage to your home later.
Look for key items below during your inspection:
  1. Check for debris on your roof (leaves, branches, moss) as this can accumulate on the roof and prevent proper drainage, eventually leading to leaks. 
  2. Blistered, curled, or split shingles need to be secured or replaced, along with any loose or missing shingles. Also, look for dark patches on the roof that may indicate the protective granular coating has worn away from those shingles.
  3. Check for exposed or popped-up nails. The expansion and contraction of your roof during the heat of the day can naturally cause nails to back their way out of place, causing leaks. These nails need to be hammered back in place and sealed to prevent future leaks.
  4. Inspect the metal flashing around plumbing vents on your roof, as this is in place to protect your roof where the pipe penetrates the roof surface. Bent or missing flashing can lead to leaks and needs to be sealed or replaced as soon as possible. 
Important: Always use caution when using a ladder! Be sure to follow the safety instructions on the ladder and ensure the legs are secured on a level surface before stepping on. 
A wind mitigation inspection, conducted by a certified inspector, will also provide an evaluation of your roof’s condition to give you peace of mind. Learn more about how to receive a voucher for a free wind mitigation inspection here.

Check out the link below for more tips on maintaining a happy and healthy roof! 
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Supporter spotlight: State Farm

We are so thankful to State Farm for their recent grant to help build affordable homes that are designed to keep families safe and secure! Because of their support, local families can achieve long-lasting housing and financial stability.

Come work with us!

At Habitat Orlando & Osceola, we’re on a mission to build more than just homes. We’re building hope and community. If a career impacting lives for the better sounds like something for you, check out our open positions!
  • Builder - Residential Construction
  • Construction Site Foreperson
  • Lead Carpenter
  • Accountant
  • Facilities Manager
  • Bilingual Housing Counselor
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