September Success Stories in PA Community Action
September Success Stories in PA Community Action
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September 2021 Newsletter
Success Stories From PA Community Action
Client Success Story

From Mexico To York, PA

 Spotlight On Community Progress Council (CPC)

Anayancy's Dream to Become Independent

Anayancy Gutierrez came to York County from Mexico with a dream to become independent and give her family a more secure future. Anayancy believes that education is the key to her family’s success in America.  She has been enrolling in as many classes and workshops as she can through the Community Progress Council (CPC) to help her family achieve financial self-sufficiency.   

Among the many courses she’s taken since being introduced to CPC include GED classes, ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, financial literacy classes, nutrition workshops and parenting classes. Anayancy is absorbing everything she can to see her dreams come to a reality.   

One of Anayancy’s most recent accomplishments was the completion of CPC’s “Getting Ahead in a Just-Getting-By World,” course, where participants are empowered to share their struggles, stories and goals with each other as a way to begin building resources and a foundation for financial stability.
“I don’t just see the days pass by or spend the days meaningless. Now, I’m busier and more feel meaningful, because I’m preparing for my future,” shares Anayancy.
Click to watch a video about Anayancy Gutierrez, also pictured with her three children in the first photograph, showing how her foreign education not being recognized in the U.S. did not stop her from reaching for self-sufficiency.  (4 - minute YouTube)
As a next step, Anayancy has enrolled into CPC’s Self-Sufficiency Program, which pairs residents ready to make changes in their lives with a coach who will work with them long-term to create and achieve their goals. While Anayancy is just beginning on her years-long journey, her dream remains strong, and the benefits of her partnership with CPC and the education that she’s embraced has already had a strong impression on her.

Anayancy was part of CPC’s new Spanish-language “Getting Ahead” classes and is now working with a bilingual self-sufficiency coach – both important services that are now available to Spanish-speaking residents of York County.

Anayancy’s story is inspiring, and it all began through the connections she made through CPC’s Head Start program in Hanover, where her three children were enrolled in the no-cost pre-school program. She volunteered in the classroom and worked with her family engagement specialist to connect with classes and other programs, and to help her realize that her goals could be achieved.   
“I see my future with great achievements, like getting the GED diploma, having a better level of English, having a job, doing what I like, buying a car, paying for our house sooner, supporting my community,” she said.   
Add to that her goals of going to college and perhaps becoming an early childhood education teacher with Community Progress Council, a goal that would bring her dream full circle to where it all began.
Anayancy is now working, has learned to drive, and has been able to pay off her credit cards. She is a co-facilitator in CPC's "Getting Ahead" classes to help others in her community make progress in their lives.  She is taking money that she is earning from her job and depositing it into a savings account.  We congratulate you, Anayancy, on the successes from all your hard work!
Click this image to view over 15 Head Start and Early Head Start locations in York County, along with CPC's:
  • Housing & Financial Counseling
  • Workforce Development
  • Women/Infants/Children (WIC)
  • Self-sufficiency Programs & Services
Client Success Story

CARES Rent Relief PHFA Program

Spotlight On Central Susquehanna Opportunities, Inc. (CSO)

Undergoing cancer treatment while choosing between paying bills and expenses like school photos is a reality for some people during COVID-19.

Kim* is a single mother employed at a local preschool center. In the spring of 2020 she was on medical leave undergoing cancer treatment. Right before Kim’s scheduled return, the center closed to meet COVID-19 guidelines. Kim applied for unemployment compensation, but it took an unusually long time for her to receive any benefits.

Although the preschool center reopened, Kim faced another challenge. She worked fewer hours because the center experienced a drop in enrollment. With a reduced income, Kim found herself trying to decide which bills to pay. She fell behind on her rent while trying to keep up with utility bills. Kim struggled to make ends meet; at one point she found herself choosing between buying her son’s school pictures and paying a bill.

Kim contacted CSO for help paying the back rent she owed. Working with her CSO Case Manager, Kim applied for the CARES Rent Relief PHFA Program. She qualified for six months of rental assistance. This allowed her to get off to a fresh start with her landlord, and she could stay up to date with her other bills.
Kim says, “I am astounded and so grateful for this. Having a clean slate with my landlord means the world to me.”
Today, we are happy to report that Kim went back to working full-time. We wish you all the best in everything, Kim!  
*Kim is a real CSO client who requested only her first name be used.
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  • Utilities Assistance
  • Food Assistance
  • Tax Assistance
  • Youth and Workforce Solutions (programs and workshops)

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