Help Spot Wildfires
Help Spot Wildfires

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"I was born in the Harney County Hospital, just down the street from the old Valley View Hospital where my father was born. My family here has consisted of construction contractors, ranchers, and educators/office staff of the Burns and Crane School Districts and Harney ESD. Before moving to Vancouver, Washington in 2016, I lived in Harney County for 41 years."
Jess is now the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge's (Malheur NWR) Restoration Coordinator and his history with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) goes back many years beginning when he was 15.  READ MORE.

Governor Kotek Visit

As part of Governor Kotek's "One Oregon Listening Tour" to Malheur, Baker, Grant and Harney counties in July, we were fortunate enough to get to meet with Governor Kotek and discuss how collaboration is benefitting Harney County in big and lasting ways.
Thank you Governor Kotek for taking the time to visit with us at High Desert Partnership, share a meal and engage in meaningful conversation.
First and third image above taken at High Desert partnership by Brandon McMullen, the center image taken by Governor Kotek staff at Mark Owens' farm.

Legislative Bills Send $2.5 Million to Harney County for Wet Meadow Restoration & Collaboration

In a win for the Harney County community, the recent Oregon state legislative session resulted in the passage of bills that will send in a total of $2.5 million to support critical wet meadow work and collaboration in the Harney Basin.
We shared this news in July's newsletter and here's where you can learn more about this funding award.
Photo above of a crew installing mesocosms this spring in Malheur Lake. Photo by Brandon McMullen.

Help Spot Wildfires

While actual firefighters are key to managing wildfires, wildfire response groups and their personnel are reaping the benefits of modern technology in the realm of early wildfire detection. ALERT Wildfire is a consortium of the University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada Seismological Laboratory, and the University of Oregon that utilizes cameras to detect wildfires and inform response and evacuation decisions accordingly. READ MORE.
Pictured: A view from the ALERT Wildfire Beaty Butte camera looking southwest taken August 8. 

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 2023 Upcoming Events 
Wednesday, August 16 High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Tuesday, August 22 Biz Harney Opportunity Collaborative Meeting
Tuesday, September 19 Harney County Wildfire Collaborative Meeting
Wednesday, September 20 High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Tuesday, September 26 Biz Harney Opportunity Collaborative Meeting
Tuesday, September 26 Youth Changing the Community Collaborative Meeting
Wednesday, October 18 High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Tuesday, October 24 Biz Harney Opportunity Collaborative Meeting

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