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Volume 9 Issue 1  | November 2021 
Created by: Kristina Kowalski, WLAX Big Quaker Captain
YQCA is Back In-person
Young Quakers Community Athletics (YQCA) has returned to in-person sports practices with masks and social distancing. We are so excited to be back on the field/track/court! Due to new cohorting guidelines created to increase safety measures, each YQCA sport is offered at two of our UACS schools this fall. Middle school lacrosse is currently offered at Comegys and Lea Elementary Schools on Tuesdays and Fridays. Middle school track and field is offered at Comegys and Hamilton Elementary Schools on Thursdays.  New to YQ this year, Elementary basketball is offered at Lea and Hamilton Elementary Schools twice per week (days vary based on school). Sessions will continue until the end of the school year! See enrollment information below if you are interested in enrolling your student!

YQCA Enrollment Information!

1. Complete the online UACS enrollment form.
2. After completing the UACS enrollment form, contact the site director at your UACS school to confirm receipt of your student's enrollment and let them know your student is interested in participating in YQCA!
Hamilton: Latifah Anderson, UACS Site Director | (215) 435-2352 |
Lea: Arttia Watts, UACS Site Director | (215) 435-0314 |
Comegys: Paige Lombard, YQCA Associate Director | (215) 292-7871 |
Introducing YQCA Basketball
YQCA is excited to announce the official roll-out of YQCA Basketball in partnership with the Penn Men's Basketball team. This fall, Penn Men's Basketball Big Quakers have been coaching 4th and 5th grade students from Lea and Hamilton Elementary Schools one day per week. Students also practice with their site-based YQCA coaches to continue building skills on a second day each week. Big Quakers and Young Quakers are focused on learning each other's names and building basic skills. As Big Quakers begin their season this November, Young Quakers will attend games at the Palestra to cheer them on!

Save the Date!

When: Saturday, February 12th, 2022 
Where: The Palestra at Penn
What: YQCA Basketball Kick-off Event & Penn Men's Basketball Game vs. Harvard
Who: Current YQ basketball players, YQ alumni, BQ alumni, YQ families and friends

Elyse Decker 

BQ Alumni
Elyse was a Women's Lacrosse Big Quaker Captain with YQCA from 2017-2021. In 2021, she graduated from Penn's College of Arts and Sciences.
Elyse currently attends Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City. In her free time, she coaches lacrosse to a team of 8-year olds and volunteers with the Lang Yan mentorship program in Washington Heights. 
Elyse shared that her experience with YQ has taught her that bravery sometimes means being vulnerable. 
Elyse also shared that her favorite memory from YQCA was one day at practice when she went on a detour with a YQ through the Penn Sports Hall of Fame. "During my junior fall, Friday practice had rolled around and begun as usual with the front doors of Weightman swinging open to a sea of screams and giggles that let the BQs know the YQs had arrived. I assumed my typical position as a locker room helper and noticed that one of the YQs seemed down about something. While we were heading out the door, I pulled her aside to try and figure out what was wrong, but at first, the only thing she was ready to say was that she didn't want to practice. We had an indoor practice that day, so I told her we were going on a detour to the Penn Sports Hall of Fame and joined."

Dahirou Sy

YQ Alumni

Dahirou is a 2021 graduate of the YQCA boys lacrosse and track & field teams. He graduated from Lea Elementary School and currently attends Constitution High School. 
Dahirou has continued to stay connected with YQCA since he graduated, participating in the YQ Junior Coach Summer Intership with the Cross-Grade Sports: Leaders of Change program in summer 2021. As a YQ Junior Coach, Dahirou facilitated sports activities for K-8 students participating in Netter Center UACS summer camps. 
Dahirou shared that his favorite memories from YQCA were the competitions - track meets and lacrosse games.  
Staff Spotlight
Jequan Major
Jequan joins us as the YQCA Program Assistant. This is a new position that will support on the ground operations for YQCA. Jequan has worked at the Netter Center for the past two years as a lead instructor at Comegys Afterschool and the Kingsessing Access Center. We are very exicted to have him join the YQ team!
 YQ "In the News"
Out of the Shadows
Big Quaker Leader, Jelani Williams was featured in the Pennsylvania Gazette on October 16th. In the article he talks about working through adversity during his time at Penn. Click here to read more about Coach Jelani's journey.

Mark your Calendars!

More information and event updates coming soon. 
YQ Bball: Tues 11/16 - Penn Women's Basketball Game
YQ Bball: Saturday in December - Penn Men's Basketball Game
ALL YQ Teams: Sat 1/22 - MLK Sports & Wellness Event
YQ TF: Sat 3/19 - Penn Challenge Meet
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