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Are you performing these 
to protect yourself from most infections?
There are tons of articles out there that suggest ways to protect yourself and your computer from getting infections. There are so many out there it’s easy to get lost in all the clutter. I have taken the data I have gathered from various articles and knowledge bases and summarized them into an easy to understand format.
There are 4 general areas you should be concerned with:
1.  Cover the weak areas
2.  Don’t take the bait
3.  Exercise safe browsing habits
4.Layer your security
Cover the weak areas:
  • Make sure you complete system updates, patch third party browsers and update plugins and add-ons. 
  • Upgrade to the newest operating system after an appropriate amount of time has passed.
  • Make sure your Antivirus is up to date and completing scheduled scans.
  • Remove old software you don’t use.
  • Update old software to newer, more secure versions.
Don’t take the bait (social Engineering):
  • Don’t fall for the fake tech supports scams from popups.
  • Don’t fall for phone calls saying your computer told them to call you because it has a problem.
  • Don’t fall for companies pretending to be big corporations like Microsoft, Dell, Apple, HP and the like.
  • Check each email as if it were poison.
Exercise safe browsing habits:
  • Use favorites to get into websites instead of using search engines.
  • Type an address in directly and check before hitting enter.
  • Check to make sure you have a secure connection when providing personal or sensitive information.
  • Strong passwords are your best friend!
  • Close your browser as soon as you are finished with that website.
  • Don’t keep multiple website open for long periods of time.
Layer your security:
  • Use the firewalls included with your networking equipment.
  • Use the firewalls included in your operating system.
  • Invest in good security software.
  • Keep Antivirus and AntiMalware up to date and current.
  • Use popup blockers and adware blockers on your browsers.
  • Change passwords a couple times a year.
  • Your user account should have a password.
  • Be a dictator when it comes to your backups and verify them often.
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