Advising Updates for HRM Students
Advising Updates for HRM Students
Moving Forward!
I hope this newsletter finds each of you safe and well! After six weeks of classes, I hope you have all found your way in our new environment. As you each are moving forward with your education, so is your department. You will have the opportunity to read about just some of those things in this edition of the HRM Happenings Newsletter.
I wanted to remind you that the faculty and staff in HRM are dedicated to your education and to having a positive experience whether you are on campus or off. If you are experiencing difficulty in navigating all the technology for your online classes, or the campus with all the new rules, or just anxious about our current environment we can be of assistance. Please reach out to your professors, instructors, advisors, our department staff, or myself. We are happy to help. We might also be able to steer you towards the many support programs available beyond the department through the college and the university. In fact, you will find several links to those programs in this newsletter. 
Remember, we are all in this new environment for the first time together. So together, let us focus on moving forward. I hope that in short order we will find ourselves back in the comfort of our old routines. If this is your first semester, you may have some adjusting to do when we get to that place. Regardless, keeping our eye on the future will keep us all moving in the right direction, forward. As is always the case, my physical and my virtual door are always open for you. Stay safe and well.

Dr. Robert Paul Jones
Associate Professor and Department Chairperson
Introducing 3D Technology 
Over the summer, Retail Management professors Dr. Catherine Jai and Dr. Julie Chang were given a wonderful opportunity to begin working with CLO 3D technology in order to create a product development class for the Retail program. This technology is available due to the Cotton Grant, funded by Cotton Inc. Currently, Dr. Jai is integrating this technology into the Retail Management Marketing Research class offered to graduate students, and is teaching students how 3D technology can be integrated into the retail industry. 
With this software, users can create an entirely digital garment that simulates the shape, colors, and even fabric texture that the real-life garment will have. This process will progress sustainability in the fashion industry in a tremendous way, and cut months out of the design process.
If you are interested in learning more about the software, contact Dr. Jai or Dr. Chang.
Skyviews Kiosk: Now Open
Skyviews will be operating with its lunch service and Dinner Series in the College of Human Sciences for Fall 2020. With the Skyviews renovation still in progress, Jason Lindley has moved the lunch operations and class, to the Sam's Place Kiosk on the 1st floor of the Human Sciences lobby. All of the regular items will be served at the kiosk, with an addition of a few new items. The kiosk opens at 9:30 A.M. and will close at 1:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Hot items for lunch will be served beginning at 11 a.m. 
Skyviews Dinner Series
The Skyviews Restaurant Dinner Series will now be served out of El Centro, due to the restaurant renovation still being in the progress. You can still expect the same professionalism and meal quality as you would see at Skyviews, just in a new location. There will be a new addition of á la carte pricing, as well as meals that are more attractive to the student population. There will also be beer, wine, and specialty cocktails for those 21 and over. 
Below is the menu for the upcoming dinner series for this Fall:
Staying Involved
The NRF Foundation is offering a great new opportunity for students to help you get involved with recruiters and professionals in the retail industry. They will be offering digital workshops and networking sessions until November 18th, so be sure to sign up. 
The biggest opportunity offered is the digital career fair on October 8th, where students can network for internships and entry-level jobs. Make sure to get ahead of the job search before May 2021, and be sure to have your elevator pitch ready! 
Click the link below to sign up. 
NRF All Access Sign Up

Congratulating Dr. Michelle Alcorn 
The HRM faculty members are always achieving great new things, and Dr. Michelle Alcorn has come up next on the list! Congratulations to Dr. Michelle Alcorn, as she has recently been chosen to be a participant in the 2020-2021 Institute for Inclusive Excellence. Dr. Alcorn applied to be a member of the Institute in June of 2020, and in early September, was given the news that she would be offered a membership. When asked why Dr. Alcorn applied for the institute and what her goals would be, she answered with, "I've always strived to learn about other cultures. But, the fact is that our current world and nation are facing challenges of inclusivity and diversity economically, socially, and environmentally. As a participant in the IIE, I will be able to share what I learn in my courses, my research, and community service." Congratulations to Dr. Alcorn, and we look forward to seeing the work you do with the Institue for Inclusive Excellence! 

Ph.D. Name Change
This fall, a new name for the HRM doctoral program was approved. It will now be known as the Hospitality, Tourism, and Retail Management doctoral degree. This new name opens the door for more students to begin the program. One exciting advantage of this new name is that each student will be able to pick a track that suits them best, and that concentration will be printed on their diploma! The HRM department has many highly qualified faculty members to enhance this program, and contribute to making it the best it can be.
HRM Partners with IRI 
Recently the HRM department completed a contract with IRI, a large data analytics and market research organization. Now, the department will have access to real-world sales data through POS terminals around the country. This will enrich retail data analytics classes such as Category Management, and give students access to real, working data to use in projects. IRI works with large retailers such as Target and Wal-Mart, and partners with companies such as Google and Adobe. 
Updates From the Advising Office 
  • Raiderlink has been updated from its original formatting to a new look.
  • Please be on the lookout for schedules for Spring/Summer 2021. They will become available in early October.
  • A reminder that classes that were once "RHIM" or "RTL" only, have been updated to be offered as "HRM."
  • To make an advising appointment for any questions you may have, please visit,
Remember to Stay Safe & Healthy 
Please remember during COVID-19 times, students and faculty need to continue practicing safety protocol to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy. The university provides free COVID-19 testing for those feeling sick. To avoid that situation please remember to keep: 
  • Wearing your masks
  • Social distancing on and off-campus
  • Sanitizing 
Thanks to you all for following this safety protocol as we are able to welcome October on campus. Keep up the great work! 

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