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Thank You for Supporting Our Holiday Program!

For many, the holiday season is a joyous time. Time with friends, family and loved ones, telling stories and reliving memories, and reflecting on the goodness the holiday brings. For others, the holidays are a time of worry and uncertainty. Many in our community feel the immense burden of limited resources, and the unbearable weight of choosing between life’s necessities and providing presents for their children.
Our clients, too, feel these burdens. They enter our shelters or arrive for their counseling appointments feeling anxious and uncertain. But this holiday season, you made a difference.
By Christmas morning, our offices were overflowing with gifts – bikes, balls, board games, and dolls – for children who have seen too much anger and have felt too much fear. We ended Christmas with lots of smiles, exclamations of joy, and sighs of relief from moms who wondered if Christmas would show up this year. 
In turn, we thank you. Thank you for donating money, gift cards, and special gifts for these families. They have experienced the warmth of true community. They see that they are not alone. And, they have received the best gift of all: hope.

The Shadow Behind Me

A Stalking Story 
I was really hoping the distance and time apart would create a space for us to learn, grow and appreciate each other more. I just returned, trying to reconcile with my partner, father to our child, after fleeing our home. However, this was not the case, it was actually worse than before. The verbal and physical abuse started right after we moved back in together. As much as I really wanted this relationship to work especially for our child, I now knew there was no way. My partner was not capable of NOT abusing me. I fled our home (again) grabbing what few necessities I could for myself and my child.  

Almost immediately I realized I was being followed. I was originally going to stay in our home state, but now with the headlights in my rearview mirror I just kept driving and driving.  Trying to get away from the pain, hurt and fear I drove across the country. I got myself and kid into a domestic violence shelter in another state. I was scared but was starting to feel safe. 

It wasn’t but a few weeks and I realized my phone, email and other accounts had been hacked. And then one day I was at the park with my kid and there were some men there who started questioning me...these men knew things about me and the fear that gripped me was intense. My ex must know where I am! I immediately left the park, packed my car up and left that state with my child.  
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Next Upstate SCIVC Quarterly Meeting

March 10, 2022 at 10am

Safe Harbor is part of the Upstate Council to the South Carolina Immigrant Victim Coalition (SCIVC). We are a collaborative network of partners - including immigrant communities, victim service providers, healthcare and legal professionals, and law enforcement agencies - committed to working together to better serve immigrant victims of crime. 

The Upstate IVC's next meeting is Thursday, March 10th at 10 AM. Please save the date for this meeting in which we will have a panel of experts discussing trauma and seeking asylum. 
About the SCIVC

Safe Harbor Reflections of 2021 

Staff share their favorite memories of the past year

The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to reflect on both the beautiful and difficult days that we are leaving behind. At Safe Harbor, we want to look back on the past year and share some of our favorite memories of 2021.
At our December meeting, we met virtually “around the campfire” with a cup of our favorite hot beverage and a candle burning. We took turns sharing our favorite memory from 2021. It was a time to come together and connect as humans and coworkers. A time to laugh and appreciate.
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Safe Harbor

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January 3-15: Book Sale! All books just 25 cents each
January 17-22: $5 Dress Sale and $5 Two-Piece Suit Sale
January 24-29: 50% Off Artwork and Mirrors

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