Wildfire Resilience Project Funded $5M
Wildfire Resilience Project Funded $5M

People Who Collaborate

Harney County became home for Kristen Shelman in December 2003 after growing up in Saint Anthony, Idaho, attending BYU-Idaho and marrying her "Oregon cowboy" Casey Shelman. Growing up in Idaho Kristen and her family "had cattle, sheep, and raised some bottle calves. We always had horses and my family was always trail riding, helping neighbors with their cattle, or roping at the local roping club. My brother-in-law ranches in Wyoming and I would help with roundups in the Little Greys River Allotment." Kristen's husband has lived in Harney County since he was 5 and has worked for the Bell-A Grazing Coop. for many years so Harney County became home for their family. "Harney County is a unique place to live and I think that we each have different reasons that draw us to living here. Working together with people to make it a better place to live is a passion that I hope to share as I live and work in this great community."  READ MORE.

Southeast Oregon Wildfire Resiliency Project Infused with $5 Million

High Desert Partnership has been awarded just over $5 million from the Oregon Department of Forestry, to implement the Southeast Oregon Wildfire Resiliency (SOWR) Project of critical fuel treatments to enhance wildfire resiliency across sagebrush steppe landscapes in Southeast Oregon. This funding comes out of Senate Bill 762 and is the result of multiple organizations and individuals in Harney and Malheur counties developing a competitive and compelling application around a united vision. READ MORE.
Pictured: Outlined in black is the proposed SOWR project area.

A Conversation About the Southeast Oregon Wildfire Resilience Project

Listen to Forest & Range Ecological Coordinator Josh Hanson answer questions from Mindy Gould at KZHC radio about the Southeast Oregon Wildfire Resilience Project. This project out of the Harney County Wildfire Collaborative has brought $5 million into Harney and Malheur Counties to help build a more fire resilient sagebrush sea landscape in Southeast Oregon. LISTEN HERE by clicking on the podcast titled: Josh Hanson Forest & Range Ecological Coord.

Celebrating 15 Years!

Recently the HDP staff took a break from our to-do lists to celebrate HDP's anniversary and the gift of people working together. Many thanks to the The Ford Family Foundation for encouraging us to take this time and sponsoring the afternoon. We broke bread together and had a blast throwing axes at the Unofficial Logging Company in Bend, OR. We walked away injury free and congrats to our own "Bullseye Becki" (Becki Graham) for unveiling her hidden axe throwing talent and logging the most bullseyes.

Fishery Team of the Year Goes To . . . 

March 3 at the Oregon Chapter of the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting several Harney Basin Wetlands Collaborative partners were recognized with the Fishery Team of the Year award this team includes: Jason Dunham, Dominic Bachman, Dave Banks, Linda Beck, Ryan Bellmore, Joe Benjamin, Ken Bierly, Ben Cate, Kirk Handley, Peter Harkema, Emily Heaston, Chad Karges, Matt Laramie, Francine Mejia, James Pearson, Doug Peterson, Rebecca Pickle, Will Simpson, Casie Smith, and Tammy Wood.
This unique crew of researchers and managers have seriously explored the changing distribution of fish and the vexing problem of common carp in an incredibly dynamic and changing environment. The partnership between US Geological Survey fisheries scientists and ecologists, US Fish & Wildlife Service fisheries staff, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife fisheries staff and High Desert Partnership aquatic biologists has been a crucial learning team to learn basic life history and habitat conditions affecting management of both native and nonnative fishes in the Malheur Lake System.
The cooperation and sharing of resources has strengthened the understanding and helped clarify restoration options for all the resources of the Lake system. This team effort to identify the management options for Malheur Lake wetlands has provided a crucial science background for the development of restoration options for one of the crown jewels of the Pacific Flyway.

Harney County Rangeland Fire Protection Associations Recognized

Sunday, Feb 20, six Rangeland Fire Protection Associations within Harney County were recognized by Senator Merkeley during his Harney County Town Hall. "All of the RFPAs have done a superb job of volunteering in their communities, not just in the fire suppression which is probably the most notable. You all volunteer in the Harney County Wildfire Collaborative in pre-suppression work, fire prevention and all the other Boards you participate in to strengthen your communities. Your time commitment is astonishing and should be recognized by the residents of Harney County. Volunteers are a special group and I thank you all for your service to make Harney county and Oregon a better place."

Rangeland Fire Protection Association Summit

This summit is coming up April 6 & 7 at the Elks Club in Burns. If you're interested in attending, contact Marvin Vetter by emailing him at marvin.j.vetter@odf.oregon.gov for a registration form.
 2022 Upcoming Events 
Tuesday, March 15 Harney County Wildfire Collaborative Meeting
Wednesday, March 16 High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Wednesday & Thursday, April 6 & 7 Rangeland Fire Protection Association Summit
Wednesday, April 20 High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Thursday, April 21-April 24 Harney County Migratory Bird Festival
Wednesday, April 27 Harney Basin Wetlands Collaborative Field Tour

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