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Happy Holidays from your friends at IMPACT!
In celebration of the holiday season we will be sending 12 days of tips and tools.
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Day 1 - Appointment Slots with Google Calendars

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Let students or others schedule appointments with you through your GW Google Calendar account. No need to use Calendly or other third party appointment schedulers.
To set up a single or recurring block of available appointment slots in your calendar click on +Create or click select the block of time. In the pop-up that appears click on “Appointment slots.” Indicate the day and time of the block and the duration of the appointments.
To make a recurring block of appointments click on More options. Click on the pull down for “Does not repeat” and select how you would like the block to recur.
Save your appointment block. It will appear with a grid icon to indicate that it is a block of appointments.
To enable students or others to schedule appointments with you during that block, click on the block in your calendar and then click on “Go to appointment page for this calendar.” Copy and paste the url from that page and share it with your students or others to let them schedule the appointments themselves.
Want to see what it’s like to book an appointment this way? Book some time to chat with Laurie.
For more details visit Use Google Calendar appointment slots (from Google).
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