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This past year saw the U.S. continuing to deal with the effects of COVID-19, an event that still challenges public heath while prompting unprecedented innovation and opportunities to increase access to care and improve outcomes.  Maternal health and care for birthing individuals continues to gain traction around the country through the development of policy and learning opportunities.  IMI also started its first giving campaign and is deeply appreciative of all who have donated to support our mission. 
We invite you catch up on any reports or findings you may have missed this year, and we look forward to continued growth and insight in the new year!

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2022 Resources: Covering the Most Salient Topics in Medicaid

Annual Medicaid Managed Care Organization (MCO) Survey

IMI's annual MCO survey celebrated its fifth year in 2022. For the first time ever, IMI released fact sheets for all eleven survey categories. Watch the archived survey findings release event and download the fact sheets below:

📊  Value-Based Purchasing & Alternative Payment Models: download
➕  High-Risk Care Coordination: download
💊  Pharmacy: download
🤰  Sexual and Reproductive Health: download
🍼  Child and Adolescent Health: download
🧠  Behavioral Health: download
🏘   Managed Long-Term Services and Supports: download
🏙   Social Determinants of Health: download
🦠️  COVID-19: download
💻  Telehealth: download
⚕️  Health Equity and Structural Racism: download

Gender and Perinatal Health

IMI continued its work as a leader in women's, gender, and perinatal health.
This year, we launched our National Birth Equity Learning Series on Community-Based Doula and Perinatal Community Health Worker in Medicaid 
We explored innovative practices in perinatal & child health and led a new initiative focused on gender affirming services.
IMI attended and presented at the March of Dimes conference, Igniting Impact Together: Birthing Equitable Communities; the HHS Maternal Health Roundtable: Unraveling Maternal Mortality & Morbidity; and the American College of Nurse-Midwives: 67th Annual Meeting.

Additionally, IMI's work in this area was credited in two major national reports:
  • White House: Blueprint for Addressing the Maternal Health Crisis 
  • CDC: State Strategies for Preventing Pregnancy Related Deaths

Advancing Health Equity

IMI is committed to equity-centered research that ensures that Medicaid works for everyone. Over the past year, IMI continued our work on the Advancing Health Equity national initiative as well as developed additional resources focused on addressing disparities and promoting equity throughout Medicaid. Additionally, IMI serves as a subject matter expert for CMS’s efforts to embed equity into alternative payment models.
Resources worth noting include the following:
Compendium and Virtual Release Event: Medicaid Managed Care’s Pandemic Pivot: Addressing Social Determinants of Health to Improve Health Equity
Issue Brief: Analysis of State Medicaid Enrollment Form Reading Levels
Report: Five Strategic Components to Support Health Equity in Medicaid 
Virtual Presentation: 2022 Academy Health Datapalooza and National Health Policy Conference: Addressing the Social Needs of Medicaid Enrollees: The Role of Managed Care
Virtual Presentation: ACAP Leadership Academy: Kick-Off Meeting; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mentorship Program 
In 2022, IMI hosted a number of virtual events featuring Medicaid thought leaders from communities, health plans, clinical settings, and more from across the country.  
  • Release event: 2022 Annual IMI Medicaid MCO Survey
  • Release event: Medicaid Managed Care’s Pandemic Pivot
  • Webinar: Millions of Children May Lose Medicaid: What Can Be Done?
  • Webinar: Connecting Hands & Hearts: Behavioral Health Partnerships for Children & Adolescents During COVID-19 
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Get Involved!

We have included a summary of the topics and projects that IMI's committees are actively tackling.  Are you interested in joining the discussion?  Email us at Info@MedicaidInnovation.org.
Dissemination & Implementation Committee
  • Gender affirming care
  • Impact of the pandemic on cancer screening and preventive health service
  • COVID-19 vaccination
  • Collaboration with SDOH subcommittee’s priorities
Behavioral Health Subcommittee
  • Perinatal mental health
  • Substance use harm reduction
  • Trauma-informed care 
Child & Adolescent Health Subcommittee
  • Impact of Medicaid redetermination on children after the public health emergency
  • Prevention of chronic disease in children, through a community and equity lens
  • Data opportunities for quality initiatives 
Women & Gender Health Subcommittee
  • Annual Medicaid MCO survey:  women & gender health section
  • Measurement of patient engagement & experience perinatal health
  • Implementation of doula and perinatal community health worker in Medicaid learning series
  • Measuring racism in perinatal health
  • Gender affirming care
Data & Research Committee
  • Annual Medicaid MCO survey
  • Health plan strategies to facilitate Medicaid redetermination post the public health emergency
  • Collection and use of sexual orientation / gender identity data
  • Exploring equitable access to coverage and care
Annual Medicaid MCO Survey Subcommittee
  • Annual Medicaid MCO survey
  • Reduction of annual Medicaid MCO survey burden
  • Collection of information related to COVID-19, telehealth, health equity, and structural racism through the survey
Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Subcommittee
  • SDOH Data
    • Standardization of SDOH measures -- NCQA
    • SDOH Data Gaps 
  • Housing/Individuals experiencing homelessness 
  • Community health workers

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