Here's what is happening now at Valor.
Here's what is happening now at Valor.

Valor Christian High School
MAY 10, 2020 


  • AP Exam Information
  • Audition for Summer and Fall Theater Productions
  • A Letter from a Student Leader
  • And more of what's happening now

Finish Strong, Eagles!

In the face of unprecedented challenges, you've worked hard and overcome. Enjoy this last week of classes and get ready for a well-deserved break!
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Class of 2020 Sendoff

Seniors, it's hard to believe that this is your last week at Valor. We wish we could celebrate you as much as you celebrated our freshmen on their first day of school - you deserve all the hype and more!
This week on Instagram, share your favorite Valor memories and tag @valoreagles with the hashtag #valorclassof2020 so we can thank you for an incredible four years.

AP Exams, May 11-22

As a reminder, AP exams begin tomorrow, May 11 through May 22. You can view a copy of the AP Exam Schedule here
Valor faculty have been working hard to prepare our students for this new online testing version. Students should direct their subject-specific test process questions to their teacher. General questions or concerns about the AP testing process should be directed to Sheila Beckie.
Finally, the Academic Counseling office shares some tips with students as they prepare for testing:
  • Study well in advance and don't cram before your exam;
  • Eat well the day before the exam;
  • Drink lots of water the day before your exam so that you are well hydrated on the testing day;
  • Go to bed early and sleep a minimum of 8 hours;
  • Make sure to set an alarm so you don't sleep in and miss your exam;
  • Eat a good breakfast consisting of proteins, carbohydrates, and water;
  • Go for a short walk in advance of your test;
  • Have a method of keeping track of your time during the test;
  • Make sure you have all of your supplies organized and ready to go in your testing location;
  • Say a prayer and give your best effort. We are proud of you!

Final Exam Schedule

As communicated by the administration, finals are optional for all students. Those testing can view the finals schedule here.

Summer School Registration

Summer school courses help students stay on track or get ahead for the following school year. Learn more and register for this summer's offerings
Students who need to complete credit recovery for a failed class should contact their Academic and College Counselor.
"It definitely kept my focus and drive more in tune when I went back to school! And being able to go into that school year all prepared for math was a great feeling! Also getting ahead of my normal math class so that I was being pushed to my best ability." - Camille H., Geometry Intensive Fast Track

Hours from Cancelled Discovery Experiences

Students who were on this year's cancelled Discovery experiences will be receiving a portion of the service hours they would have received. Attendance at meetings, fundraising efforts and participation are all factors in the number of hours that will be offered. Once these hours are finalized, Discovery will upload them into each student's record in Helper Helper.

Stay, Serve, Transform

Many Valor students are reaching out to help others right now. Find ways your student or family can #StayServeTransform!
I baked almost 3 dozen cookies for The Medical Center of Aurora. I did this to show my gratitude to the hospital administrators who work very long hours. Through this experience I learned that God is using me to be a light in others lives and to show people that they are not forgotten and I am keeping them in my prayers as they work countless hours to help people.
-Sarah S.

Class Announcements

Fall College Essay Workshop August 4 & 6

The College Counseling Team will host a College Essay Workshop for all rising seniors, so please please mark your calendars for August 4 & 6 and register now to reserve your space. Attendance at both dates is necessary to fully benefit from this helpful workshop. Questions? Email Todd Pulliam.

Monty Nuss Senior Headshots

Rising Seniors - Valor partners with Monty Nuss Photography for your yearbook photos. They are also a great option for your personal senior portraits. Call 303.798.8229 this summer to schedule your appointment.

Freshman Life Group Survey

Freshman students and parents - please watch your inbox for a Freshman Life Group Survey that will be arriving on Monday, May 11. This will assist us in placing your student in a life group with a leader who will help foster community, faith, and fun and with other students who may have some of the same affinities. Our intent is that this group will stay together for the next three years!

Conservatory Showcase

All are welcome to tune in to a live-streamed night of celebration and senior Conservatory awards on Thursday, May 14 from 7:00-8:30 pm! 

Audition for Fall and Summer Productions

Auditions for Bright Star and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) are set for May 28. Find all the details and materials needed to prepare!

Arts Youth Summer Camps in July

Arts youth summer camps have been postponed to July. There are lots of offerings, but there will be openings for only 10 students per camp, with plenty of creative time as well as outdoor recreation.

Rising Leadership: More Than Just Traits

By Brooke Woodall '21 
When it comes to defining leadership characteristics, most people think of specific attributes a good leader possesses. Some say a leader needs to be honest and kind. Other people say a leader must have a vision and be driven to achieve it. While all of this is true, being a leader is a whole lot more than just a bunch of traits.
Proverbs 20:28 says, “Mercy and truth preserve the king and by loving kindness he upholds the throne." In other words, leading with mercy and truth brings a king to his throne, but he keeps his throne by serving through love and kindness. A good leader doesn't just possess the traits of mercy and truth. It is more about holding those traits in your heart and letting your character drive your decisions. Only then will you inspire others and "keep the throne."
Developing and finding your character can be hard because everyone’s values are different. The important thing is to be honest with who you are and who you surround yourself with. Ultimately, who you hang out with reflects who you admire and what you value most.
Values are what leaders live by and hold in their heart, and they are always revealed in our choices and actions. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you do in life -- we all have the chance to inspire and lead others. Whether it’s out on the field, on the stage, or in the classroom, we can all lead in our own way. 
We can lead with encouragement by supporting our teammates on the athletic field.
We can lead by example when we show up to rehearsal on time.
We can lead with bravery by asking questions in class. 
We all can lead; we just have to be courageous and recognize the opportunity when it lands at our feet. As a Valor student leader, I encourage you to not only look for those opportunities to lead, but to take advantage of those opportunities. And when you do lead, lead with your heart and with your character. 
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