New testing timeline, spring semester plans, & what is open before 2/1/21
New testing timeline, spring semester plans, & what is open before 2/1/21
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New testing timeline details

For pre-semester COVID-19 testing: All students are required to get a COVID-19 test on or after January 14, 2021, and to provide a record of a negative result before arriving on campus for any reason. We have extended the testing window because the timing needed to access testing and receive test results varies. We encourage you to make your testing plan as soon as possible. See details about pre-semester testing, including what to do if you’ve had a positive test.
If you live outside New York and beyond its neighboring states (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont), New York requires a specific, two-test sequence with a 3-day quarantine between tests. See students from out-of-state.
In addition, all students, faculty, and staff should continue to follow all COVID-19 prevention protocols to reduce risk.

Spring semester plans

Residence halls open at 10 a.m. Saturday, January 30.
As shared January 5:

What's available before February 1

  • Be involved: More winter break student workshops and activities are being added through January.
  • Stay active: Golisano Training Center, including the fitness center, is open. If you aren’t nearby, take advantage of Nazareth’s live group exercise classes (Yoga, Zumba, Self-Defense, FIT1, etc.) online, or recorded workouts at your convenience, all listed on the Recreation webpage.
  • Makerspace: During January, the Makerspace is available to students, faculty, and staff by appointment, weekdays. Use the Cricut to create thank-you or I’m-thinking-of-you cards. Make a personalized laser-etched coaster for yourself or as a gift. Sew your own face mask and personalize it with embroidery or heat transfer vinyl. Email Sid Pruitt,, for details or an appointment.
  • Library: The library remains open during the extended intersession to serve you both in person and online. If you need help and aren't in the local area, feel free to contact us, and a reference librarian will respond. If you're in the area, see the library hours. Between semesters, you'll need your NazCard ID to swipe in. We still have copies of most of the HHS book club books available for check-out, on the new book shelf by the Circulation Desk.

Students help others and themselves

In our recent survey about lessons from the pandemic, many Nazareth students embraced the question about how they can support others and their own self-growth.
Haley Maziarz and best buddy Madison
“Paying it forward is really important to me,” says Haley Maziarz ‘23 (at right in photo), of Walpole, Mass. The inclusive early childhood/childhood education and psychology major plans to continue being a board member and a mentor in Best Buddies with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. “I can also pay it forward by following protocols and keeping Rochester and Nazareth safe when we return in the spring.” (Photo shared with permission of her fellow Best Buddies member.)
Sydney Fina
Sydney Fina ‘22, a music therapy major from North Syracuse, is likewise doing her part “in protecting myself and others as we continue through this pandemic, and I will continue to be aware of my actions and how they affect other individuals. I will also keep checking in with others, and do my best to support them, just as I would do if we were gathering together in-person on a frequent basis. I will live compassionately and considerately, which this pandemic has reminded me to do.”
Jacob Townsand
Jacob Townsand ‘24, of Beaver Dams, N.Y., who’s pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy, says these unusual months “allowed me to work on improving myself. This time allowed me to discover who I wanted to be.” He realizes: “I want to be someone who is always improving. I want to always improve in the things I do and upon myself.”
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COVID-19 Resources

Have a question? You can send it in using the form on any of those pages.
COVID-19 resources

Questions of the week

How and when do I submit my pre-semester COVID-19 test documentation?


Here’s how: Be sure your test result documentation (which can be a screenshot or photograph) includes your name, date of birth, and test date. Upload it to Nazareth's student health portal using the new "Upload" option (in the upper right), which provides instructions. If you have questions, email
Here’s when to provide test documentation:
  • Now — only if you've had a positive COVID-19 test result within the 90 days before arriving on campus for the spring semester. Provide (only) that test documentation, or medical documentation confirming a COVID diagnosis. You don’t need another test.
  • Otherwise, after January 14, when you have a negative result.
    • If you live outside New York and beyond its neighboring states (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont), follow New York state's requirements for timing: Get tested within 3 days before leaving home for New York state, with your result available upon arrival to NY state. New York then requires a 3-day quarantine (that you arrange), followed by a second test on your quarantine Day 4 to end your quarantine; the day 4 test is offered at Nazareth. See more details and a suggested timeline on the Testing webpage.
Students who fail to provide a test result will get a red badge on Nazareth’s daily COVID-19 screening online, your NazCard ID will be temporarily deactivated, and you will be restricted from accessing campus facilities until testing documentation is received.

How is instructional time being preserved with the shift in the spring 2021 calendar?


The College has taken great care to ensure that instructional time for the spring semester is not reduced as a result of the calendar change, while also ensuring accreditation requirements in professional fields are met. This was accomplished by removing three scheduled break days, shifting the last day of classes, and modifying finals week. There are slight differences in graduate vs. undergraduate scheduling.
  • Undergraduate schedule: Two reading days remain in place, and these count toward instructional time. There are 14 full weeks of instruction, plus a study day and four final exam days, to reach the standard 15-week semester.
  • Graduate schedule: There are no break days or reading days for graduate students, so 14 consecutive weeks of instruction end Friday, May 7. Classes will meet as scheduled May 10-12, and faculty will work with their students to schedule alternative assignments/meeting times for any classes that normally meet on Thursdays/Fridays.
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