A Message From Dean Whitelaw
Dear incoming student,
I hope this email finds you and your family well. I’m writing to share important information on the instructional mode notations you will see in NYU Albert as you are preparing to register for fall classes, and offer guidance on what you should consider as you select your classes in New York for the fall. Please note that the information that follows is for Stern undergraduate courses being conducted in New York City. Procedures for registering for courses offered at the other NYU portal campuses and global sites may be different.
Instructional Modes: Online, Blended, In-Person
Each course in Albert has been given an instructional mode—(1) online, (2) blended, or (3) in-person—which should be finalized by the week of July 13. For Stern courses, you should interpret the modes as follows:
  1. Online: All scheduled course meetings will be held remotely, via Zoom. Please note that for some Stern courses an additional in-person Business Tutorial may be added to provide optional weekly instruction support to those who want it. These Business Tutorial sessions will be a combination of small-group office hours and in-person discussions of supplementary material related to the class. If this is being offered for a course in which you are enrolled, you will be notified by your instructor in August. 
  2. Blended: Scheduled course meetings will be held in a 50/50 rotational combination of remote and in-person instruction. For example, for a course that meets twice a week, students will attend in-person once a week and participate in remote learning once a week. The remote components of these courses will include synchronous Zoom attendance, asynchronous activities (e.g., watching videos, reflecting on course material), or some combination thereof.
  3. In-person: Due to social distancing requirements, very few Stern courses will be offered 100% in-person in the Fall semester. However, some other NYU courses may be delivered in this mode.

Regardless of the instructional mode, all Stern final exams will be offered online.

New Blended-Mode Courses to be Added the Week of July 13
While your first day to register for classes isn’t until Wednesday, July 22, you may already have started exploring your class options in Albert. In fact, our First-Year Fall Registration Information has details on what you should be doing now to prepare to register. 
New courses specifically for first-year students (such as Commerce & Culture) will be added the week of July 13, so you should continue to check Albert after this date. Some of these sections will be blended, while some will be fully online. If you are in New York City and wish to attend classes in-person, you can and should register for blended sections starting on July 22. 
Please note: registering for a blended-mode section of a Stern course is a commitment to attend in-person on a rotational basis. Therefore, if you intend to take the course remotely, please do NOT register for a blended-mode course section, as in-person seats are limited. Taking one of these seats, if you do not intend to come in-person, deprives another student of this valuable opportunity. Please consider this before registering for a blended-mode section. Of course, it is possible that you may register for a blended-mode section fully intending to attend in-person, but circumstances may change and you may change your mind later in the summer. If so, please drop the blended section and register for an online section instead.
When registering for a blended-mode course section, faculty will reasonably expect—and in fact, may require—that you attend in-person on your scheduled in-person days. If you do not wish to attend any classes in person, you should register for sections labeled online.  
Stern Academic Advising stands ready to assist you, and you should reach out to them with any questions or concerns as you prepare for your first day to register for classes on July 22. You can reach our Academic Advising team from 9am – 5pm EDT Monday – Friday at (212) 998-4020. If you are participating in NYU Go Local, please continue to refer to the Go Local website for the most up-to-date information. 
As always, the health and safety of the NYU Stern community—students, staff, and faculty—continue to be our top priority. Thank you for your patience as we work to finalize the fall course schedule in New York to best utilize our classrooms and optimize your academic experience while adhering to NY State and university public health guidelines. 
Please stay tuned for additional information in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we wish you the very best.

Robert Whitelaw
Dean, Undergraduate College


Robert Whitelaw
Vice Dean, The Undergraduate College
NYU Stern School of Business
40 West Fourth Street, Tisch Hall Room 9-96
New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-998-0338

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