A View from the Board
April 2018
Spring is in the air!

It’s an amazing time of the year here in RVR and the Roaring Fork Valley.  Many families are on Spring Break and the snow is quickly melting!  The trees are showing their buds and the grass has a new green tint.

While the weather and our beautiful environment outside are changing, our staff and team are also busy making many changes in preparation for the warm weather ahead. Our staff is preparing to hire, train and ensure we have lifeguards, snack bar attendants and summer grounds crews in place. Our General Manager is busy getting ready to turn on our irrigation and making sure our outside vendors are ready to go. We are also getting the tennis courts and pool areas prepped and cleaned for opening day.

The board has been busy supporting our staff in these activities as well as providing input for the organizational adjustments needed given the recent departures of Pam Britton and Cheyene Booher.  In addition, we are monitoring the Woodbridge issue and staying on top of the developments at Thomson Corner and the Boundary.  Other items that are on our agenda are the initiation of our capital expense priorities, gathering information around short-term rentals and assessing the short and long-term approach to managing our forest and trees. I feel good that we are taking on and addressing the important items that will matter in the long term.

Lastly, as the weather warms, we have more activity in our community so please make sure to drive responsibly.  Kids (and adults) are more active on their bikes and playing outside. It concerns me to see people driving over our 20 MPH posted speed limit, often with cell phones in hand.  To address this issue, we have asked the local police to monitor and drive through our community more often.  PLEASE be careful and responsible out there. 

With that, enjoy the change of the season.  It is simply gorgeous out there! How lucky we are to live in this amazing valley and community. You all help make it what it is!

Happy Spring,

Scott Darling

RVRMA Volunteer Board President

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