Introducing the ESC Wellness Center Fundraising Campaign
Introducing the ESC Wellness Center Fundraising Campaign
Beloved friend of the Episcopal Student Center,
There is a mental health crisis on our college campuses. As data from the UT Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC) shows, the need for sustained counseling support on the UT campus has never been greater.
Since 2016, the Episcopal Student Center has provided counseling sessions, free-of-charge, for any student on the UT Campus. Our caseload has been growing exponentially, and we need your help to sustain, and grow, this ministry.
Our goal, in 2020, is to raise $100k, which we will use to establish a participating fund, managed by the Diocese of Texas, that will support the work of the ESC Counseling Center for the long-haul.
This ministry is about more than closing the gap between student need and the UT CMHC’s capacity. It is also vital to the health of our ministry. Each year, our students face greater pressures, academic and social. Our Counseling Center helps students receive care before a struggle becomes a crisis. 
Beginning this fall, we are partnering with the Seminary of the Southwest’s Program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to place three graduate student interns at the ESC. These interns, supervised by Maria Spellings, Ph.D., LPC-S, Assistant Prof. of Counselor Education, will augment the efforts of our in-house counselor, Rebekah Johns, LPC-Associate, to offer our services to the wider campus
At present, our one in-house counselor is able to see 18-25 students per week. With enough funding, we could be serving as many as 75-100 students per week starting today. That's an increase of 300 to 400%. However, 75% of our operations budget is already going toward the counseling center. To reach our ministerial potential, we need the sustained support of generous individuals who believe in the importance of our work on the UT campus. We need you!
A gift of $1200 will sustain an average student’s counseling needs over an academic year. A gift of $5000 will fund our counseling center operations for one month. A gift of any amount takes us closer to endowing this work, and sustaining this life-giving ministry far into the future.
In the ESC Counseling Center model, barriers to care are tremendously low because our counselors are familiar faces, their services are long-term, and sessions are donation-based. This work is crucial to the wellness of our community, and to the formation of leaders who will carry the church into the future.
Guided by an integrated approach to student health, we hope to build a wellness center where students are fed physically and spiritually, and find counseling support to manage all the issues college students face. We envision a community where students experience “the peace of God, which surpasses understanding” (Phil. 4:7), and the ways in which “God’s perfect love casts out all fear” (1 John 4:18).
If you are a mental health care professional, or are interested in supporting this work, we would love to partner with you. As Campus Missioner, I would love to share more about how we are experiencing the Holy Spirit's presence in this ministry. 

We thank you for your time, and for your love of the ESC. We pray this finds you and your loved ones safe, and very healthy.
God’s blessings to you,
and Hook Thine 'Horns!
Travis, on behalf of the ESC

Rev. Travis Helms, PhD
Campus Missioner 
(pronouns: he / him / his)

The Episcopal Student Center 
at the University of Texas

209 W 27th St. | Austin, TX 78705
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