APRIL 7, 2020

Welcome Back!

We know remote teaching and learning at home with devices can be a challenge, but we have taken steps to make it easier for adults to help students. WE have been working hard to ensure ACCESS and OPPORTUNITY for all of our students through our device deployment events. Over 7,000 students have received devices at this point and we have successfully shifted into LEADERSHIP and LEARNING, our remote learning environment in Colonial.

To support students and families in remote learning, we have put together resources for parents:
CSD Remote Learning Support page
A resource hub for parents during this time of remote learning in Colonial. On this page you can find:
  • End of Year and Marking Period dates
  • Sample schedules for each grade level
  • Our remote learning plans
  • Tech Support for Students and Families
    Having Trouble with your Colonial issued device? Click the link below for support:  https://forms.gle/YYGGUBRnhwoHenKbA
Accessing Remote Learning in Colonial School District
From signing into a Chromebook to accessing and using Schoology, this link provides an overview for parents to assist their students with learning at home.

Marking Period Update

Due to the changing nature of how schools operate on a daily basis, we have made changes to the marking periods (MP) for the rest of the school year.
  • Elementary Schools - No change due to semester-based courses
  • Middle Schools
    • 3rd and 4th MP Combined
    • All teachers will allow missing work from January 27 to March 13 to be submitted for full credit. 
    • Teachers will provide flexibility on how missing work is submitted
  • WPHS and Wallin
    • 3rd MP Dates-January 27 to end April  17
    • 4th MP Starts April 20 through the end of the school year
    • All teachers will allow missing work from January 27 to March 13 to be submitted for full credit.
    • Teachers will provide flexibility on how missing work is submitted
*IMPORTANT NOTE: Students enrolled in Dual Enrollment and AP courses are expected to continue submitting assignments and their work will be graded. Information on AP exams to follow in the near future.


At this point in time, we are not applying grades to any of the assignments submitted (with exceptions for WPHS Dual Enrollment and AP Courses). 

At some point, new content and graded remote learning may occur as we evaluate our plans. We will update students and parents as needed.

We strongly encourage students to participate in lessons and assignments, as teachers are providing feedback to support student growth. 


We understand that there are concerns with the online video conferencing software called Zoom. The safety of our students continues to be at the forefront during remote learning. We have taken several cautionary measures to ensure a safe learning environment for all involved.
  • Zoom meetings being utilized by CSD Staff are not posted publicly on the web. They are being shared through Schoology courses and private links to parents and students.
    The staff has been receiving regular professional development around best practices for remote learning.
  • Leadership staff constantly review and manage these digital learning sessions to ensure safety protocols are in place.
  • If you do not wish for your child to participate via Zoom, contact your child’s teacher.

Grab and Go Meals

Our staff continue to work hard to serve healthy meals to our students.  
Wednesday, April 8th children 18 and under will receive breakfast and lunch meals. 
There will be NO meals on Monday, April 13th due to observance of the Easter holiday. 
Visit http://www.colonialschooldistrict.org/covid-19-food-resources for the most up to date locations and times.

Internet Provider Access

If you do not have access to the internet at home, We’ve compiled a list of vendors who are currently providing free or discounted internet connectivity.

Letter from Board President

Colonial Nation has always benefited from the guidance, support, and oversight of its school board members, and this has not changed during this time of crisis. The attached letter to staff reaffirms the School Board’s commitment to Colonial families and all staff.

Stay Tuned

We are doing our very best to keep families informed during this State of Emergency. Please continue to check these outlets for the most up to date information:
- Listen to our telephone message “robocall” update on a regular basis coming to your home or cell phone.
Download our mobile app receive push notifications: http://www.colonialschooldistrict.org/newsroom/mobile-app/ 


If you are experiencing any symptoms, such as a dry cough, shortness of breath and/or fever,  please call your healthcare provider. The CDC is advising all who feel sick not to seek help at local hospitals before seeing private doctors or going to state health care facilities first for those without insurance.

Please remember the importance of social distancing, and health experts are now encouraging the public to wear face masks, even homemade ones at this time.   While playgrounds have been closed, children and families are encouraged to take walks, ride bikes and get daily exercise.
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