A Table and Chairs
A Table and Chairs
Dear Partners,

For more than fifteen years, High Desert Partnership (HDP) has been bringing people together to address challenges that impact Harney County. What began as a handful of people rolling up their sleeves to draft a collaborative comprehensive conservation plan for the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, has evolved over the years to become the practice for getting things done. In the past we’ve referred to this as cooperation or collaboration, but now we simply call it working together. 

Living in rural America presents complex challenges as well as opportunities and finding common ground has never been more important. It's the bedrock for why HDP exists and what keeps us bringing folks to the table. In fact, in addition to our original collaborative, HDP now facilitates six community-based working groups, each developing strategies and actions to make progress out of concern: 

  • Malheur NWR Comprehensive Conservation Plan Collaborativ
  • Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative
  • Harney County Wildfire Collaborative
  • Harney County Restoration Collaborative
  • BizHarney Opportunity Collaborative
  • Youth Changing the Community Collaborative
As we look ahead, we are renewing our commitment to strengthen the local economy, sustaining our vital natural resources and promoting a livable rural community for all. While our resolve remains the same, we have updated our branding to better reflect our purpose and unify each collaborative under a shared identity. We chose a table and chairs motif to symbolize what collaboration is all about—coming together with anyone who wants a seat at the table and doing the hard work to find an agreeable path forward. 

As our mission states, High Desert Partnership is bringing people together to find common ground in addressing rural challenges.

HDP’s evolution is in the works. If you’re in Harney County you’ll see new signage at our office and you’ll start to see the new HDP logo appearing online. In the next few weeks, we’ll have a refreshed website to share with you as well. 

If the past few months have reminded us of anything, it’s how dependent we are on each other. We’re not just in this together, working together; we’re better because we are working together. Thank you for what you do to ensure Harney County’s rural way of life endures; looking forward to what the future brings as we continue working together.

On behalf of HDP's board: Adam Davis; Fred Flippence; Anna Gahley; Dustin Johnson; Chad Karges; Gary Marshall; Dan Nichols; Kathy Rementeria; Donna Schnitker; Bruce Taylor and Executive Director Brenda Smith.

Six Collaboratives Supported By High Desert Partnership

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