Duck Rides, crime prevention, bike safety, and more.
Duck Rides, crime prevention, bike safety, and more.
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Tuesday, April 04, 2023
With spring term upon us, the University of Oregon wants to emphasize the importance of staying safe. Refresh yourself on some of the university’s top safety services and resources.
  • The UO Police Department offers general crime prevention tips on their website.
  • Check out the UOPD's campus crime information to keep tabs on what's happening in the UO community. The crime log is updated daily.
  • Contact the UOPD for more information through their non-emergency line: 541-346-2919.
View the virtual Safety at Night map for the best-lit routes on campus. 
  • Be alert when walking at night and try to stay in the listed well-lit areas.
  • Flag potential concerns or issues on the map by dropping pins in problem areas.
  • The map shows approximately 60 emergency phones located all over campus. They provide an immediate connection to the UOPD dispatch center, staffed 24 hours a day.
If you don't feel safe walking alone, here are some services you can contact for safer transportation:
  • Duck Rides is a student-led organization dedicated to providing free and accessible transportation to all UO community members seven days a week, 6:00 p.m.–midnight. 
  • The UO Police Department provides safety escorts from any campus location to any other campus location, 24 hours per day. Call 541-346-2919 to request an escort. 
Ducks look out for each other. While parties can be a fun way to socialize and relieve some stress, there are some risks associated with them:
  • Know the facts and party safe. Make sure you understand all the responsibilities regarding hosting parties before having one of your own. 
  • Alcohol poisoning can be fatal. According to Oregon’s Medical Amnesty Law, if you seek medical assistance for yourself or another person, neither of you can be held responsible for a Minor in Possession (MIP) for alcohol.
  • Learn about the new Party Registration Pilot Program, a warning system for noise complaints that will be launching in spring term.
The UO Bike Program offers helpful resources for bikers including bike routes and safety tips. Here's a few measures you should take now:
  • Wear a helmet and use bike lights to stay safe and seen.
  • All bikes must be equipped with lighting equipment during dark hours and in limited-visibility conditions under state law.
  • Required lighting includes a white front light with a minimum visibility of 500 feet and a red rear light or reflector with a minimum visibility of 600 feet.
Bike theft is the number one crime on campus, according to the UO Police Department. Here are some steps you can take to lower your risk:
  • Lock up your bike in high traffic or highly visible areas. 
  • Use a U-lock around both your bike’s back wheel and its center post for the most protection.
  • Rent a bike cage or locker space on campus.
  • Register your bike for free through Project 529. Law enforcement can help return your bike if it is stolen, even if it’s recovered in another city or state. 
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