Mark Blenner honored with PCASE Award
Mark Blenner honored with PCASE Award

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Fall 2019

Mark Blenner

Mark Blenner honored with Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers

The award is the U.S. government’s highest honor for early-career scientists and engineers. Blenner, whose research could help enable long-term space missions and search for some of the globe’s most destructive weapons, is the McQueen-Quattlebaum Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

SPECTRA helps craft America's science and engineering enterprise

Hundreds of students who transfer from South Carolina technical colleges to Clemson University are eligible for scholarships as part of a new program backed by the National Science Foundation. Christopher Kitchens, associate professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, is leading the effort.

A clear solution

Water Mission, an organization led by chemical engineering alumnus George Greene IV, is helping provide safe drinking water and sanitation to the 2.1 billion people who lack it. Water Mission has nearly 70 employees, most based out of the organization’s Charleston office.

Sustainable energy: Eric Davis aims to lower battery costs

Eric Davis, an assistant professor of chemical engineering, is joining the quest to create a battery that would help utilities introduce more renewable energy to the electrical grid and reduce the amount of fossil fuel that needs to be burned.

Three Clemson University seniors receive Graduate Research Fellowships

Three recent graduates received the prestigious fellowships from the National Science Foundation. Two of these, Hansen Mou and Sallye Rose Gathmann, graduated with chemical engineering degrees. Mou will be pursuing graduate work at Columbia University and Gathmann is headed for the University of Minnesota.

Students participant in Denmark study abroad program

Undergraduates in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, who are rising seniors, are invited each summer to participate in our study abroad program in Denmark. This program allows them to take their required senior Unit Operations Lab course near Copenhagen while giving them a valuable international experience.

Three professors honored for securing patents

Researchers David Bruce, Christopher Kitchens, and Mark Thies were among those honored this year for securing patents in 2018. Among the 16 patents issued to Clemson University researchers in 2018 were technologies for improving on-site building construction with a sustainable building system, purifying lignins, and self-healing polymer coatings that inhibit corrosion of metal substrates.

Graduate students research published in Chemical Science Journal

Ryan DeFever and Steven Hall were part of a team that had its research published this year in the journal Chemical Science. Their experience underscores how interdisciplinary research — sometimes enhanced by caffeine– energizes the educational experience that creates the next generation of engineers
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