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For the love of succulent flowers

Succulents make sweet (plant) valentines 
We truly admire blooms of all colors and stripes — roses, bougainvillea, hibiscus, chrysanthemums, orchids, you name it — but we hold a special place in our plant-loving hearts for the flowers of cacti and succulents. If old man of the Andes cactus or Echeveria derenbergii 'Painted Lady' could partake, we wouldn't hesitate to treat them to the finest chocolate we could find. Plan for your own bouquets of Valentine's Day succulent blooms in 2019 by picking out plants now at our online shop.
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Introducing the Gardens Made Easy collection

Deciding which aloe to pair with which echeveria, which cactus to couple with which crassula, can be nerve-racking, so we endeavored to make such decisions easier. Presenting the Gardens Made Easy collection: In back, from left: Aloe 'Firebird', Adromischus cristatus (key lime pie), Crassula marginalis rubra ‘Calico Kitten' and Crassula rupestris. In the front: Echeveria 'Neon Breakers', Kalanchoe luciae (flapjacks) and Mammillaria elegans. While the container is not included, buyers receive a 10 percent break off individual plant prices.
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We have a new online wholesale shop!
Have a small business and an interest in selling succulents and cacti? Or perhaps you know someone who does. We're planning to flip the switch on our revamped wholesale site, The Cactus Shop, as soon as today. It has a snazzy new look and improved functionality. We can't wait to see it in action.

Photo of the month
Hens and chicks make for adorable Valentine's Day planters. Aloes too.
— @OasisPlants, Facebook
A trip to Chile results in flower photos galore

An Altman team member recently traveled to Chile to see Copiapoa cacti growing in habitat, but he also encountered lovely non-cactus plant life as well as wildlife. View the photographic evidence at the blog link below.
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Celebrate with Aeonium 'Mardi Gras'

You probably wouldn't receive this Altman Plants original hybrid in time for Fat Tuesday, but then you wouldn't have to worry  about any bead-related mishaps involving your prized new aeonium. We have a very limited amount of these available at our retail shop.
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