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A few weeks ago Cec connected with his writer friend Yvonne Ortega in Virginia. Once again, he's promoting crazy t-shirts. He thinks he makes the shirt look good. Do you agree?
I Believe in Healing: Real Stories from the Bible, History and Today
Cec and Twila recently learned from the publisher that their book I Believe in Healing: Real Stories from the Bible, History and Today has gone into its sixth printing.
Congratulations to Kathy Eberly for winning last month's contest in honor of Cec's 85th birthday. Here's the question we asked: What is the title of Cec's first published book? Although many people guessed, Kathy was the first one to respond with the correct answer, which is Prayer: Pitfalls & Possibilities
The Right Age
“I’m too old for that,” my 53-year-old friend said.

I regularly hear such comments from those who have hit the big zero years (50, 60, 70). Once-attractive women complain, “When women reach a certain age, men ignore them.” When I hear that, I think, So what? Do you need approving stares to be happy?

I’m tired of hearing friends cringe at the mention of aging. I have no desire to be 30 or 60 again and am grateful for the years behind me.

Just because we reach “a certain age” doesn’t mean we stop living or enjoying life. Instead, we have an opportunity to add to our lives, to explore new ideas, and take pleasurable risks.

This year I turned 85, and I’m delighted to admit it. Here are a few things I say about my age:
  • "I've earned every wrinkle and creak in my body."

  • "This is the cost of living longer."

  • "I'm happy being who I am right now."

  • "This is exactly the right age for me."
Getting older isn’t only a downhill slide; we can always find positives. No matter how dismal life seems, we can choose to stay positive.

For example, my faith has grown stronger and my attachment to others is deeper. I’m free to say no. The older I get, the more I know the relationships I want to maintain and those I want to let go.

Regardless of the number of my years, I’m exactly the right age to increase my joy and appreciate all the goodness of life. I relish the freedom and the joy of life instead of thinking how terrible it is to get old. I regularly say to myself, “This is the life I’ve been preparing to live. Now I’ll enjoy it.”

What about you and your age? Can you say these words below?

I face the challenges and accept the joys of aging because I'm always at the right age. (Cecil Murphey)
Personal News
I Believe in Healing, by Twila Belk and mefirst published in 2013is now in its sixth printing.

I participated in the Hunger Walk in Atlanta on February 25—along with 25,000 others. Through the help of friends, I raised $625. 

More Than Surviving: Courageous Meditations for Men Hurting from Childhood Abuse is available for pre-order, and those who received preliminary copies have given this important book great feedback. Here's what motion picture casting director Mark Fincannon said:
"During this unique historical moment of the #metoo movement, I can't imagine a timelier book. Having been abused myself during childhood, this book helped me heal in a more profound way. This book does more than just identify with those who have been abused: it offers hope and healing. Cecil and his friends are brave to use their lives to bring healing to others. 'Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms' (1 Peter 4:10). This is deeply needed today not only in America but around the world."
The Twila Zone: News from
My Assistant, Twila Belk
I received my author copies of The Power to Be: Be Still, Be Grateful, Be Strong, Be Courageous, and what fun it is to hold it in my hands! It's beautiful. I'm thrilled with the final product, thanks to BroadStreet Publishing's great teamwork. 
I've stayed plenty busy taking care of my husband's health needs, and we've been averaging three medical appointments a week for the last month. But I've been able to take advantage of several opportunities to help promote my book. 
I'm now a regular contributor to Arise Daily Devos, and I'm grateful for my publisher's permission to use a few devos from my book. Fix Your Thoughts and Set Him Always Before You were featured in February. Extend Grace to Others is the March 1 devo.
My publisher is offering a five-day You Version reading plan that I adapted from my book. It's titled The Power to Be: How to Be Still Through T-E-A-R-S. An interview with me appeared on the Christian Authors Network (CAN) blog on March 1, and I'll be the featured author in Book Fun Magazine's March issue. I've written articles for the MTL (More to Life) blog and Positive Note Magazine's March/April issue.
I had a fun interview with Ken and Deb in the Morning at WDLM (Moody Radio Quad Cities), and I prerecorded a podcast interview with Stacy Brookman (Real Life Resilience). Although I've already signed a good number of books, I look forward to my official book signing on April 14 at the Connect Coffeehouse at the Quad Cities Prayer Center in Davenport, Iowa. 
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