Did you spot our CATCH My Breath coverage over the summer?
Did you spot our CATCH My Breath coverage over the summer?

Schools Respond to the Rise of Student Vaping

June 29, 2018 - Edutopia
"Since e-cigarettes are still relatively new—and one of the great lessons of the anti-tobacco campaigns was that punitive approaches don’t work well—school administrators and health department officials say that giving teens and parents health information about vaping is critical to prevention...
...With talk of vaping on the rise in her district, Valerie Phillips incorporated the four CATCH My Breath vaping lessons directly into PE activities at her middle school."
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August 9, 2018 - CNN
"One independent organization that has developed an e-cigarette prevention program for middle and high school students is the Coordinated Approach to Child Health, or CATCH. It includes four lessons with topics that include e-cigarette ingredients, marketing techniques and skills for refusing e-cigarettes.
Ashley Monteiro, a student at Wareham Middle School in Massachusetts, said that before taking the class, she thought e-cigarettes looked "pretty cool" and the flavors might taste good. But since learning about the use of artificial flavorings and chemicals in vapes, she's no longer interested."

Juul built an e-cigarette empire. Its popularity with teens threatens its future

August 4, 2018 - CNBC
"One nonprofit health organization, Coordinated Approach to Child Health, or CATCH, revamped its e-cigarette curriculum to include information on Juul because the brand has become so popular.
Currently, CATCH My Breath lesson plans are geared toward middle schoolers and high schoolers. Program manager Marcella Bianco said some schools and states are asking for elementary school lesson plans because children as young as eight are being caught with e-cigarettes."

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