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May 3, 2016
How much do you know about asthma?
If you can’t get a breath, nothing else matters. People with asthma symptoms can struggle to breathe easily. And that can affect everything they do, from their activities and job performance to sleep quality. 
May 5 is World Asthma Day, a great time to learn more about this chronic condition and who is at risk. If you or someone you know has asthma, these non-medical tips may help you avoid attacks:
  • Stay away from tobacco smoke, a top asthma trigger.
  • Avoid or limit contact with furry animals and birds.
  • Keep floors clean, especially ones covered with carpet.
  • Try to stay away from strong scents in perfumes, room sprays and flowers.
  • Wear a mask when gardening outdoors or dusting indoors.
  • Use dust-free covers on your mattress and bed pillows.
  • Consider using a home air cleaner.
We can help. Your ParTNers EAP offers a no cost, confidential, program that offers support for employees coping with a chronic condition. Call 1.855.Here4TN (855.437.3486) for more information.  

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