A View from the Board
October 2019
The following is the latest in a series of monthly messages from the RVR Master Association Board, called “A View From The Board.” The messages summarize recent Board decisions and discussions, and are designed to bring RVR homeowners up to date on issues important to the community.

Dear RVR Homeowners,
Fall is in the air. The pool is closed ‘til spring. Our attention is now turning to firing up our furnaces, raking leaves, Halloween, and other autumn activities. A few of our homeowners have left for the winter, but RVR remains a bustling place with unprecedented levels of new home construction.

This October “View From the Board” will provide an update on happenings in the community, and include an informal recap of highlights from the Sept. 25 Board meeting.

Preparing for 2020 Budget: Work is well underway on RVR’s 2020 budget. Here are some key steps in our budget adoption process:

• At its Oct. 23 meeting, the Board will review the budget; homeowners are encouraged to attend.

• At the Nov. 20 Board meeting, the Board will vote on the new budget. Prior to the meeting, homeowners can review the proposed budget, which will be available along with the board meeting agenda when it is sent to homeowners the Friday before the Board meeting. Questions on the proposed budget will be addressed during the Public Comment section of the Board meeting.
• By Dec. 2, budget ballots will be available at the Ranch House, so property owners can pick them up and vote on the budget.
• Any ballots not picked up by Dec. 6 will be mailed to the remaining property owners.
• On Dec. 18, we will hold a brief annual meeting, prior to the regularly scheduled monthly Board meeting. During the annual meeting, we will provide results of the ballot vote, and answer any questions you may have. 

We believe these steps provide RVR property owners transparency into the budget preparation and approval process.

Park Improvements on Our Radar: The Sept. 25 Board meeting saw a thoughtful discussion about the need to modernize play equipment in Triangle and Orchard Parks, and around the RVR pool. The play equipment is old and in need of replacement. There are reserves in the RVR budget to address these needs. To make sure the new play equipment meets the needs of the community, the Board established a Playground Committee, which will be headed by Board member RJ Spurrier and former Board member Leslie Marcus.
Board Approves DRC Amendments: At its Sept. 25 meeting, the Board approved the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the RVR Master Design Guidelines. The Fourteenth Amendment changes the landscape planting requirements, reducing the required trees by one-third, and slightly increasing the number of required shrubs. The revised planting requirements address both water usage concerns and overgrowth. To read the newly approved Fourteenth Amendment, click here. The Fifteenth Amendment clarifies language around fireplaces and exterior fire pits and fireplaces; per our PUD requirements, no wood-burning devices are allowed – indoors our outdoors. Click here to view the Fifteenth Amendment.

Governing Documents Committee Charter Approved: The Board approved the Governing Documents Committee’s Charter, which was developed and submitted by the committee. Click here to view the Charter. The Committee, which had its third meeting on Sept. 30 and fourth meeting on Oct. 14, now turns its attention to developing a community survey, which will explore what changes RVR homeowners may want in our Governing Documents. If you have issues you think the committee should look at, please share them with committee chairs Ben Johnston or Gary Lesser.

And Finally, Fall Fun and Frivolity: RVR Halloween events for the kids are scheduled for Oct. 24 (party) and Oct. 31 (trick or treating!). On Nov. 7, there will be a meet-and-greet at the Ranch House for new owners who have moved into RVR during 2019. And, the annual RVR Holiday party is set for Dec. 7. It’s always a well-attended affair, so please save the date on your calendar and look for more details in the RVR Weekly News. These annual events are all good reminders of why we love living at RVR.


If you have any feedback, please share it with Community Services Manager Kendra Ford (csm@rvrcommunity.com). She’ll pass your comments along to the Board, or respond to you directly.

Our next Board meeting is Wednesday, Oct. 23, at 5:30 pm in the Ranch House Board meeting room. Hope to see you there.

On behalf of your volunteer RVRMA Board,

Yvonne Perry
Board President

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