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Collaboratives In Sync

In May, at Harney County's first collaborative summit one subject on the agenda was the need to maximize the work of High Desert Partnership collaboratives and how they work together for the benefit of each other. One step in this direction is Ben Cate's new role as Ecological Coordinator.
Ben will work across all of the ecological based collaboratives that High Desert Partnership stewards. This includes the Harney County Restoration Collaborative, Harney County Wildfire Collaborative and the Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative. Ben will work as an organizer and logistics coordinator ensuring that each collaborative is aware of the efforts of the others in order to share knowledge, resources and maximize the work of each ecological collaborative. About Ben.>">

New Faces At High Desert Partnership

High Desert Partnership welcomes two new staff members, Robert Esquivel and Marla Polenz. 
As the Aquatic Health Coordinator for the Harney Basin Wetlands Initiative (HBWI), Robert coordinates the implementation of all actions described in the HBWI Strategic Action Plan aimed at improving aquatic health in the Harney Basin. He also provides coordination and communication assistance to the HBWI Aquatic Health Subcommittee and field assistance to fisheries biologist within the basin.
As communications coordinator Marla will work with staff, stakeholders and partners to tell the story of High Desert Partnership and it's collaborative initiatives. 
Robert Esquivel
Aquatic Health Coordinator
Marla Polenz
Communications Coordinator
Collaborative BizHarney Secures Funding
High Desert Partnership adds the BizHarney initiative to its collaborative initiative portfolio. This initiative strives to foster entrepreneurism in Harney County by supporting sustainable business start-ups. In partnering with Harney County Economic Development and Harney County Commissioners, HDP has received funding to assess the Harney County business ecosystem to promote entrepreneurism.

Through a $44,400 grant awarded by Business Oregon, High Desert Partnership hopes to stimulate innovation and motivate potential entrepreneurs to start their business. From 41 applications, High Desert Partnership was one of the 11 rural communities awarded a grant as part of Business Oregon’s Rural Opportunities Initiative>">About the grant.

The first step with this initiative is securing a project coordinator to assist and promote entrepreneurial pursuits in Harney County as well as identify what is needed to ensure success as entrepreneurs. Learn about this position

Collaborating at the "Speed Of Trust"

Trust is a key ingredient of effective collaborations. "When people trust each other they’re more likely to take risks together, see greater opportunities, and respond to change in smart and coordinated ways." ~Jodie Tonita This is one of the unique components of High Desert Partnership; the recognition that progress will move forward at the "speed of trust".

July Events

Wednesday, July 4 | Happy 4th of July!
Tuesday, July 10 | High Desert Partnership Board Meeting
Thursday, July 19 | Harney County Wildfire Collaborative Meeting & Field Trip
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