Resilience at Lutheran Care Center!
Resilience at Lutheran Care Center!
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News & Updates - Fall 2022

Entrance to Lutheran Care Center - Fall
Laraine Fellegara, TLCN CEO
         Laraine Fellegara, CEO     The Lutheran Care Network


Did you know that Lutheran Care Center is part of The Lutheran Care Network (TLCN)?  Laraine Fellegara, CEO of TLCN, recently reflected on the resilience shown by those who have kept LCC strong - continuously providing professional care and support to our residents.
To learn more about TLCN and read stories from our other senior care sites, please click here for the 2021 TLCN Annual Report.
The following two stories,  reflections from Lutheran Care Center residents,  are from that report.

Bob and Anne Hanke
Robert and Anne

Connecting with Others

When it came time for Robert Hanke to give up his home of many years to live in a safer environment, there was no hesitation. He wanted to live at Lutheran Care Center! He has a long history in the area and wanted to stay local. His beloved wife, Anne, who passed away several years earlier, had been a resident.  Robert visited her every day, knew the staff well, and on days when they sat outside together, greeted families as they came in to visit. Or, as he would say, “I would BS with everyone!”

  When he arrived, many of the same staff greeted him. He was delighted that his son, Rob, who lives in Florida, took care of the details of his transition. They communicate every day. Robert uses an Alexa-enabled device for a variety of things, including calling his son. He keeps an Alexa reminder (below) nearby, not far from a favorite photo with his wife.

 When asked, “What are some of the things that keep you resilient here at LCC?” Robert replied, “No question at all!” and pointed toward Pastor Kelly-Ray Meritt (photo below).  “He is open anytime I want to see him.  And he serves ALL.”

  Chaplain Kelly-Ray has observed Robert’s interactions in the dining room. “Robert has a way of gathering people together.  He is able to make people feel safe to share stories and opinions.”  Robert says he has wonderful friends, among them Mickie, Bill and Pauline.  “We are family here. We cover for each other…we know who has problems and needs care.” They grieved together at the recent loss of Barry, a “lovable guy”, who was part of their lunch group.

  Robert keeps a twinkle in his eye, a wicked sense of humor, and a willingness to share his wealth of knowledge ranging from where to get the best pizza, historical info including the Underground Railroad site on Wappingers Creek, and his valued relationships with previous faith leaders at LCC:  Father Brian McWeeney, Pastors John Heller, Deborah Hafner DeWinter and Elizabeth Friend Ennis.

  Rock solid in rejecting bitterness when he faces challenges in life and circumstances, Bob's love of life, his curiosity in every encounter, and his deep faith embody LCC's values of healing, hospitality, and community.

Bob and Rev. Kelly-Ray Meritt

A Walk down the Isle

 The ambulance driver who drove Charles from the hospital and wheeled him through the front entrance of Lutheran late one evening was concerned it was too late to be admitted. Thankfully, the staff was awaiting their arrival.  He garnered some perplexed looks though - at 38 years old he was the youngest resident in the building.

 Charles had survived a serious car accident. He had patiently waited while Charlene, Director of Admissions, secured a private room for his recovery.  He could not walk. In fact, the only limb he could move was his right shoulder. When asked what his goal was, he immediately replied, “I want to be able to walk down the aisle and to dance at my wedding!”

 When asked about his seven weeks of rehabilitation at Lutheran, a heartfelt gratitude was evident. “I had heard horror stories about nursing homes and have witnessed a few.” His immediate observation was how clean everything was…his room, the hallways, even the garbage cans.

 He was moved by the genuineness of the staff at Lutheran…on all levels. There was never an uncomfortable moment.  “Just let us know if you need something”.  One thing he did need was more food.  Having dropped from 180 lbs. to 130 lbs.  he needed much larger portions that most older adults at LCC.  The dietary staff “got on it”. Once, his fiancée, Andrea, approached the staff to mention a need. They again were “right on it” and quick to assure him they wanted him to communicate about anything. “You could have told us, Charles!”

  “Physical Therapist Megan was instrumental in my leg therapy. I have a high threshold for pain. She was patient, kind, gentle, and attentive. She still pushed me to work hard… but not past my breaking point. Megan is the reason I can walk.”

  The care given by the CNAs and nursing staff also stuck out. They listened to him. It was easy to build good relationships. “Rosa and Cherie went out of their way to make sure I had everything I needed. They encouraged me and, if I sensed anyone of them might be having a bad day, I’d try to be there for them.”

 When it came time for Charles to be discharged, a cake was shared to celebrate. “I recently ran into one of the nurses in a local store and she hugged me.” A few of the LCC staff attended his wedding in November. “We all danced at my wedding!”

  Charles is passionate about his work with Westchester Family Services where he recently participated in a workshop on “Listening Circles”. His accident and recovery have moved him to re-direct some of his priorities…spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Communicating, listening and working together were ingredients that hastened his recovery at LCC and are gifts that impact his professional work.
Charels and Andrea Dancing at thier Wedding
Laraine Fellegara, TLCN CEO
A new fireplace for the LCC Living Room

Home is Where the Hearth Is

The leaves are on fire with color and there's a definite chill in the air.  Please help us warm hearts by replacing the fireplace in the Living Room.  Residents gather here for activities, to visit with friends and family or simply to reflect.
Please help light the fire! Donate today toward a new fireplace.  It would be wonderful for our residents to give thanks in front of it this Thanksgiving. 
Click here to DONATE. If you prefer, a check made out to Lutheran Care Center, with FIREPLACE in the memo line, may be sent to: Patricia Ludington, Administrator, Lutheran Care Center, 965 Dutchess Turnpike, Poughkeepsie, NY  12603
Thank you!

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