A View from the Board
January 2018
Happy New Year!
I am one who enjoys looking forward. However, I find it is good to reflect on where we’ve been to see how far we have come, and to see what is in store for the future.
We enter 2018 on a very positive note. Two talented new employees are leading our organization. We have a strong balance sheet, solid reserves, and our 2018 budget was ratified by almost 100% of our homeowner ballots received (1 no and 1 abstained).
As a board, I am pleased that we try to deal with issues promptly, and that we deal with the issues that are meaningful and impactful to our HOA!  We took on a very challenging membership issue this past year and we are presently monitoring and planning for the Woodbridge issue. We hired our new GM and were able to backfill some holes in our organization. As discussed in our annual meeting, our agenda for the New Year includes addressing our mature landscaping and our aging infrastructure as well as developing a strategic plan for short-term rentals within our community. As we move into 2018, I am reminded of why I took on this role: to plan for these strategic needs and prepare for the unknowns on our horizon.
On the Woodbridge issue, it simply has to unfold. We’ve engaged legal counsel and we will monitor the situation and address any financial implications as best we can. While this was certainly not expected, we will deal with it as it progresses.  As with any moving target, guessing what to do isn’t an option. Working with the facts as they develop is our path forward.
Our new GM (Sterling Page) and CSM (Kendra Ford) are settling in. I am excited for them to get up to speed and move the operation forward as I know they can. Having a specific focus on the outside services and inside amenities should bode well for us. Both are extremely talented and work well together. Please stop in to meet them if you haven’t already done so.
The holidays were fun, hectic and frankly exhausting in a fun and spirited kind of way that you can only get here in RVR. What continues to strike me is the encouraging words and thanks that you express to me personally.  I feel honored and it means a great deal to me. Your kind words also send the message that you care and are supportive of our direction. We are going to keep moving forward as rationally and balanced as we can. 
How lucky we are to live in this amazing valley and community and you all help make it what it is!
Happy 2018!
Scott Darling
RVRMA Volunteer Board President
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