A View from the Board
As many of you know, I am often out running or biking through the streets of RVR.  In addition to helping me stay somewhat in shape, this time helps me to appreciate the wonderful beauty of where we live, and to see in real time some of the changes that are taking shape in our community.
I am witnessing the changing dynamics that new homebuilding has brought to RVR, and I’m seeing and meeting the many new faces that are calling RVR home.  As a result, we are experiencing new vibrancy within our community!
Personally, I am thrilled and excited by these changes, and I continue to be humbled by your support.  We’ve had new homeowners join us for board meetings and gatherings and come up to say “hi” on the street. For those that are new to our community, I invite you to contact our amazing staff at the Ranch House with any questions you may have or any information you may need as you settle in.
And speaking of changes, I hope you’ve had the opportunity to stop by and meet our new General Manager, Sterling Page, and our new Community Services Manager, Kendra Ford.  We are delighted to have them join our RVR family.
On behalf of the board and me (and I’m sure the rest of our homeowners), we welcome all of you and hope you come to love our community as much as the rest of us. And as you will hear me say often, you all make this wonderful community what it is!
I wish you a wonderful holiday season and New Year!
Scott Darling
RVRMA Board President
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