May 15, 2020

COVID-19: Need-to-Know News from
the USA

Mike Pompeo's politicisation of foreign policy is unworthy of him 
The Economist
Why Share It: The Economist explains how Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has managed to stay in President Trump’s good graces. One reason, according to The Economist, is because Mr. Pompeo is willing to politicize foreign policy, which started before President Trump, but has since accelerated.

Trump Looks to Salvage Summer Campaign Season
Why Share It: The Wall Street Journal explains why rallies are so important to President Trump’s reelection strategy and details some of the ideas his team are considering to get him back on the road.

Biden Has an Edge on Trump. So Why Are Democrats Worried?
The New York Times
Why Share It: Democrat operatives are concerned that slow decision-making, multiple power centers, generational differences, inadequate staffing and reactive tendencies within the Biden campaign may jeopardize the lead he currently has in many polls.

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