Keep Cincinnati Beautiful is revamping the popular Don’t Trash the ‘Nati
Keep Cincinnati Beautiful is revamping the popular Don’t Trash the ‘Nati
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Keep Cincinnati Beautiful is revamping the popular Don’t Trash the ‘Nati Campaign to work towards improving all 52 neighborhoods in Cincinnati. Don’t Trash the ‘Nati was originally launched in 1998, but since we are bringing it back, our goal is to make it better than before. We want everyone from all 52 neighborhoods to come together and make Cincinnati beautiful. We have launched three amazing new contests, Don’t Trash my Neighborhood, the Teen Contest, and the Teen Art Contest. 

The neighborhood contest will allow residents in each of the 52 neighborhoods to participate in picking up the most litter and finding out which neighborhood makes the biggest impact on the litter index. The winning neighborhood will receive a share of a $10,000 cash prize and will be recognized in the annual Love Thy ‘Nati celebration. In addition to the neighborhood contest, members of the KCB Education and Community Engagement Team are currently recruiting high school students from Cincinnati Public Schools to participate in the inaugural Don’t Trash the ‘Nati Teen Council. The teen council will convene representatives from each CPS high school to support litter reduction initiatives and grow environmental stewardship on their campuses. As an extension of the teen council, high schools will compete in a friendly competition where the top three schools that most dramatically decrease litter around their campuses will be awarded a cash prize. First place winners will receive $2,500, second place will receive $1,500, and third place will receive $1,000 to support environmental and beautification efforts at their school. 
Stay tuned for more information on the Teen Art Contest that will engage and award high school art programs that turn their neighborhood’s litter into art! All of these contests can be found on our Don't Trash the ‘Nati section on our website. Check out for more details!

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The next round of the Safe & Clean Accelerate Grant will be on December 2, 2022.
Please note: You are required to meet with Ania, by phone, video chat, or in person, prior to your grant submission to discuss your project idea  The last day to discuss your project is November 29th, 2022.
If you would like to stay up to date with Safe & Clean or have any questions, please contact
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Have you seen illegal dumping instances? Report it using the 311 Cincy app.
Have you seen illegal dumping instances? Report it using the 311 Cincy app.

If you have photos or information about an illegal dumping send them to our Environmental Services Coordinator,

311 Cincy


This year our Arts Team has been developing a new project, transforming blighted traffic boxes with community driven neighborhood-centric wallpaper. We piloted the project, titled Outside The Box, with 3CDC in Downtown and are in the final stages of completing wraps on 21 boxes. The content of the wallpaper themes was generated from community input and are graphic representations of iconic Downtown imagery. Next time you are in the area check out our boxes located between Central Parkway and 7th Street!

Traffic Box Wrap Traffic Box Wrap Traffic Box Wrap
Traffic Box Wrap Traffic Box Wrap
Pictures of Guest from the Cincy Block Party Pictures of Guest from the Cincy Block Party Pictures of Guest from the Cincy Block Party
Cincy Block Party Wrap
A Huge Thank you to all the attendees, sponsors, and donors that made this year’s Cincy Block Party a success! On October 28th, nearly 200 of KCB’s closest friends and supporters celebrated at Benken Florist Home and Garden for the 5th Cincy Block Party. This year’s fundraiser raised nearly $95,000 for our programming! 


We would like to thank Benken Florist Home and Garden Center for hosting our annual Cincy Block Party for the Fifth year! We couldn’t imagine celebrating all things KCB without the beauty and hospitality of Benken’s. Benken’s is now in full form for Holiday Cheer and Celebration and they invite you to get in the spirit with them!  Christmas trees have arrived and are waiting for you, complete with their own name tags for extra holiday spirit! 

Visit Benken’s this weekend for their Open House event, November 19th and 20th. This year features Mini-photo sessions for families, Christmas Centerpiece workshops, and a Norfolk Pine Tree Workshop for kids! The following week, you can attend their Wine & Design Workshops: Advent Wreath Class on Nov 26th, and Christmas Wreath Class on Nov. 30th. 

Visit for more information and to register. Space is limited!
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We are thrilled to be the recipient of a grant award from Northrop Grumman, Elsa Sule Foundation, and The Greater Cincinnati Foundation to help support our Greenspace’s Spaces to Places Programming. These generous grant awards will be utilized to empower residents of South Cumminsville to turn their ideal design concept vision for a vacant lot into a usable celebrated community greenspace. The transformation of the underutilized space will help revitalize the neighborhood, build awareness, and educate residents on how to grow their own fruits and vegetables. It will help eliminate blight and create a place where residents can gather to create, enjoy, explore, relax, and learn with nature! Thank you to our partners, volunteers, and ongoing foundational grant supporters. 
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Cincinnati is beautiful. We’re committed to keeping it that way. Our education, revitalization, and environmental initiatives build community and foster pride in the places where we live, work and play. Our grassroots network of neighbors, sponsors, and volunteers put passion to work across all 52 neighborhoods, creating safer, cleaner spaces and a higher quality of life for everyone.
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