Learn more about how you can support your student.
Learn more about how you can support your student.
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academic advising resources for parents
August 14, 2020
Dear Parents and Families of Incoming Students,
We would like to welcome you to the Tufts community, introduce ourselves, and provide you with resources as your student prepares to join Tufts. Advising Deans are a consistent resource throughout students’ entire experience at Tufts and are assigned based on students’ intended program and by last name.
Academic Advising
In the first year, your students are going to be navigating new academic expectations and policies and building connections to develop their identity in a new community. While this can be a difficult transition, we are here to create a space in which students are developing the skills they need to be successful on their own and go into the world with the ability to advocate for themselves and be engaged citizens.
Overall, the relationship between Advising Dean and student is a collaborative one, and we are best able to assist students when they are taking responsibility for their own academic experience.
Meet The Engineering Advising Team
Meet The Liberal Arts BFA Advising Team
Meet The Liberal Arts BA/BS Advising Team
In addition to an Advising Dean, all Jumbos have a team of advisors to support them. Liberal Arts BA/BS students and Engineering BS students begin with an assigned pre-major advisor. Then, Liberal Arts BA/BS students select a new faculty advisor and Engineering BS students are assigned a faculty advisor when they declare their major. Liberal Arts students select a major by March 1st of their second year. Engineering students do so by March 1st of their first year.
Course Registration
Liberal Arts BA/BS and Engineering BS students will be notified of their pre-major advisor assignment in mid-August and are required to schedule an appointment with that person to discuss fall registration plans.
The actual course registration dates will vary by school:
  • Liberal Arts BFA and Combined Degree: August 17
  • Engineering BS: August 24
  • Liberal Arts BA/BS: September 3
Students’ experience with registration is dependent on their prior planning and ensuring they met with their pre-major or academic advisor.
Parent Resources
For parents and families, it can be a big shift as your student moves on to this new phase in their lives, so we serve as a resource to parents as well. We encourage parents and families to speak with their student directly and maintain consistent and positive communications with them.
To assist with those conversations, we created a webpage for parents and families, as a space for you to access the same information and resources being provided to your students. You will also see a timeline for a typical first semester student experience, outlining certain deadlines as well as resources that your students should be connecting to throughout the year.
View The Parent Resource Page
Advising Deans will host a virtual parent session during Orientation on September 3 at 2:00 p.m. EDT. More detailed information will be communicated soon. We hope you will attend, and in the meantime, we encourage you to review our Frequently Asked Questions. During the year, you are welcome to connect with your student’s advising dean, and we will do our best to assist you. All student appointments will be virtual in the coming fall 2020 semester, and we will be accessible via email.
Students, parents, and families should allow 2 business days of response time and trust that we will get back to you to address your questions/concerns. We are excited to welcome your students to Tufts next month.

In order to stay updated on Tufts University's fall plans, please visit coronavirus.tufts.edu.

Kendra Barber
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Advising
School of Arts & Sciences, Last Names A-E
Matthew Bellof
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Advising
School of Arts & Sciences, Last Names F-L
Stephanie Frazitta
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Advising
School of Arts & Sciences, Last Names M-R
Leah Gadd
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Advising
SMFA, BFA & Combined Degree
Robin Olinsky
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Advising
School of Arts & Sciences, Last Names S-Z & BA/BFA, and Tufts/NEC Combined Degree
Jennifer Stephan
Advising Dean
School of Engineering

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