Fun ideas for walking your dog, how to beat the heat, and more....
Fun ideas for walking your dog, how to beat the heat, and more....
Hello, Fellow Dog Lovers!
As July wraps up, I'm so looking forward to getting back to the States to be with my husband and daughter. I've had an amazing summer in the UK, between filming my new TV project, hosting the second annual Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour Conference, and speaking at the IMPACT Conference on working dogs. But truly, there's no place like home! 
Don't forget that next month I head to Finland for the Hau-Hau Champion Event in the Helsinki Olympic Stadium. I hope to see you there!
As always, throughout this newsletter you'll find exclusive content and training tips that you won't find anywhere else. Hope you enjoy!
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Beat the Heat
Beat the Heat
Fun ways to keep your dog happy and cool in the summer months, via Kelsie McKenzie of It's Dog or Nothing
I don’t know how it is where you live, but here it is hot, hot, hot. With triple digit temperatures, it’s important to make sure your furry friend stays cool. Here’s a few of our favorite ways to keep cool in the summer.
1. Get a baby pool. That is, if your dog likes water. I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun you’ll have splashing around with your water-loving dog. You’ll both keep cool and (bonus) get some exercise in as well!
Victoria in Finland
Victora Coming to Finland
Get your ticket now for the Hau-Hau Champion event in Helsinki August 21-23! 
If you've got a dog training question for Victoria, you're going to want to be at her live show in Helsinki!
She'll be taking part in the Hau-Hau Champion Event in the Helsinki Olympic Stadium from August 21-23, 2015. This three-day event is filled with fun dog-themed activities and great information - it will be a blast for the whole family!
On the first evening of the event, Victoria will be performing her live show. As an attendee, you have a rare opportunity to get your dog training question answered by Victoria, live!
Fire Safety
Fire Safety Pets
Positively Contributor Jessica Shipman of Beagles and Bargains has some great tips on how to prevent and be prepared for a pet-related fire emergency. 
July 15th was National Pet Fire Safety Day. An estimated 500,000 pets are affected by fires each year and nearly 1,000 of those fires are started by the pets themselves. The goal of this day is to spread awareness about how pets can cause fires, how to prevent them, and what to do in the event of a fire emergency. 
Make Walk Fun
Make Walks Fun
It's no secret that our dogs make excellent exercise partners. They're great at keeping us motivated, and they never complain. Even when we're sticking to the same old path every day my dog is excited and ready to go.
Unfortunately us humans aren't always so optimistic, I know I find taking the same old route every day a bit dull.
Luckily there's a few simple ways to change up our daily dog walking routine and turn it into something more exciting and enjoyable.
Make Walks Fun
V Success Story
Success Story
Positively Contributor Kevin Duggan of All Dogs Go to Kevin shares his story of discovering positive training when working with his reactive dog.   
V was a wild child. I got him at 6 weeks old and for the first 2 years of his life he had zero training. The only time I could get him to do something, or stop doing something was by raising my voice. I had no idea what I was doing. I was completely clueless. I knew that dogs need to eat, and go to the bathroom, but that was about it...
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Kindness is Powerful, Pass it On
In Case You Missed It
Did you miss it? Victoria's post about a veterinarian that shot a cat with an arrow stirred up lots of shares and comments.
Opinions were strong from Victoria's fans all over the world. See more on her official Facebook page.
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worth sniffing out
Kindness is Powerful
The "Kindness is Powerful" tee is one of our favorites! This soft, perfectly fitted shirt is light enough for summer, or pair it with a long sleeve shirt underneath for the cooler months. 
Spread a great message and look great all at the same time with this awesome Positively shirt!
Kindness is Powerful
No-Pull Harness
Victoria's Positively No-Pull Harness was designed with your dog in mind! The harness is effective on both small and large breed dogs, and works even with strong pullers. 
Stop your dog's leash pulling without the use of pain -- you and your dog will both be glad you did!
Melony Phillips
Melony has been a professional dog trainer for over 8 years. Using proven positive training and behavior modification techniques, she works to facilitate a happy, healthy relationship between dogs and their human families.
Her state-of-the-art new training, boarding, daycare, and grooming facility just opened to the public. You can feel comfortable leaving your beloved pup in the knowledgable hands of a VSPDT! 
Need a dog behavior expert in the Marietta, GA area? Get in touch with Melony today:
Find a Victoria-licensed dog trainer near you!
Victoria Stilwell in the Media
DBC Article
Victoria's UK Dog Bite Prevention and Behaviour Conference got glowing reviews from around the world, including  this "insider" piece by Louis Stapleton-Frappell that was featured in Barks from the Guild. Read more.
Resource guarding is one of the most misunderstood dog behaviors out there. Popular culture may have you believe that a dog that guards resources is being dominant, when the reality is that the behavior stems from insecurity instead. 
Confrontational and punishment-based training methods not only will make the issue worse over time, but they could also get you bitten.
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