October Highlights at ANP Lighting
October Highlights at ANP Lighting
ANP Lighting Employee Spotlight

Meet Mr. Regino Lara -
ANP Lighting Plant Manager

Journey with ANP Lighting: In 2003, a passionate supervisor of a mini group joined ANP Lighting. That supervisor was none other than Mr. Regino Lara. Fast forward to today, and he stands tall as the dedicated Plant Manager, having poured over two decades of expertise into the company. His journey from supervising a small group to managing the entire plant is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and unyielding commitment.
A Guiding Light in Challenging Times: Under Mr. Lara's stewardship, ANP Lighting navigated the tumultuous waves of the COVID-19 pandemic. Regino ensured that all regulations were meticulously followed, ensuring the workspace remained safe and operational. Today, as the city sparkles in the radiant glow of ANP lights, we're reminded of his enduring contribution.

Life Beyond the Lamps: Despite his unwavering dedication to ANP Lighting, Mr. Lara is a man of diverse passions. A wanderlust at heart, he cherishes traveling to new locales and embarking on weekend family vacations. An outdoor enthusiast, he's cultivated a green thumb, nurturing a garden from the day Regino owned his home, and blazes new trails during his runs. Speaking of running, he's swift on his feet and has a heart of gold. Regino has completed over 10 marathons, many of which were charity events supporting his grandchildren's schools. A true family man, he's always strived to give his children a shot at the "American dream." And if you ever want to see a different side of Regino, hand him a microphone during karaoke!

Precision and Passion at Work: Every lamp that passes through ANP Lighting speaks of Mr. Lara's meticulousness. He ensures each piece, whether bolts, measurements, models, glass, or electrical wires, aligns perfectly with the customer's vision. No lamp embarks on its journey to a customer without his approving glance, ensuring it is crafted to perfection.
Sequoia Series
Innovation and baroque vibes come together in the Sequoia Collection, a series of beautiful outdoor luminaires by ANP Lighting. Choose from a standard selection of heights and configurations with the classic wood grain and matte black finish, or explore customization options to complement and elevate a specific environment. 
Log in here to the agent rep portal for easy access to the Sequoia marketing assets.
Make ANP your first choice to explore a wide variety of architectural products for both indoor and outdoor environments with the most efficient and flexible LED technologies. 
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