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MUDEC Méinden J-Term 2020 #3
MUDEC Méinden J-Term 2020 #3
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J-Term 2020 #3

 January 20, 2020

One MUDEC-Two Programs

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No, the title is not a play on any political situations in the world. It is however an accurate description of the upcoming semester at MUDEC, and perhaps the beginning of a new normal for Miami University in Luxembourg.
With the upcoming first semester of the Luxembourg Digital Innovation (LDI) internship program, two parallel programs will be running at or through MUDEC in Spring 2020. While 96 students will be arriving next week for the "classic" MUDEC study program, 15 additional students will be arriving at the same time, but spending the semester doing internships in local companies instead of going to classes at the Château. Study, Engage, Travel and Intern, Engage, Travel. Read below to find out more about this exciting new program.
  • Launch of the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Center

  • Meet Erin Brandyberry

  • 2020 Start Me Up Event Pictures
    Miami Delegation's Visit to University of Luxembourg
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Luxembourg Digital Innovation Center (LDI)

The Department of Emerging Technology in Business & Design (ETBD-new name for the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies (AIMS)) has successfully launched Digital Innovation Centers in San Francisco and Cincinnati over the past 10 years. These Centers host a full-semester experience on the frontiers of technology & innovation and represent a model for the future of higher education. In the San Francisco (SFDI) and Cincinnati (CDI) Digital Innovation Centers, students spend an entire semester living in these cities, interning with companies and startups on the cutting-edge of technology, and visiting with thought leaders that are leading the digital revolution. These students get a full semester (16 hours) of Miami credit that often counts towards their major, but also serves as a full minor in Interactive Media Studies. The programs are open to ALL Miami students and enrollment is not restricted to or from any major and students have participated from across campus. 

The SFDI and CDI programs have been wildly successful, by any measure. Nearly all of the students end up with job offers and qualitative evaluation of the program is off the chart. These programs represent a model for the future of higher education, offering students a chance to immerse themselves in the space they plan to occupy after graduation, building up invaluable experience that will set them apart. 

The next phase of development for the program was to establish an international digital innovation center and Luxembourg was the logical place to do it. The new program is collaboratively powered by ETBD, the Entrepreneurship Program, and MUDEC. While structurally similar to the SFDI and CDI programs, the LDI program leverages Miami's physical presence and deep roots and relationships built over more than 50 years in Luxembourg.
Luxembourg has a unique digital economy which is perfect for the new digital innovation center, and is also a FinTech hub due to the size of the financial sector. Such organizations as the LHoFT, House of Startups, Luxinnovation, Tomorrow Street, Technoport, Lux Future Lab, and the 1535° Creative Hub are where much of Luxembourg’s digital startup activity is housed. At the same time, it is also home to major hubs for Amazon, Vodafone and the Big 4 consulting firms, which should provide great opportunities for our students. 

On top of all of that, we also have a great alumni network in Luxembourg, which has been incredibly helpful in opening doors for the new program and internships from two of the participating companies have been provided by Miami alumni. While ETBD has recently decided not to expand our digital innovation programs domestically, expanding to Lux was a different matter. Originally proposed In the context of the afterglow from the MUDEC 50th Anniversary celebrations, LDI is a signal of how Miami wants to position new programs in Luxembourg for the future, establishing and advancing the MUDEC program for the next 50 years.

Meet Erin Brandyberry

Digital Innovation Centers Manager

Erin Brandyberry in front of a bridge
Erin Brandyberry has worked tirelessly to get the new Luxembourg Digital Innovation Center off the group. Find our more about her here. 

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where did you go to college and what did you study? Did you study abroad? If so, where?

I am originally from Cincinnati, but I went to Ohio University for undergrad (don't judge me too harshly!). During my junior year, I spent 12 weeks in Ghana for my first study abroad experience. It was life changing. I still stay in touch with my host family, and it is why I work in study abroad/away now! In grad school, I did a study tour in Europe to better understand higher education systems in Germany, Switzerland and France, and did an internship with Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. 

2. How did you end up working at Miami and tell us about your current role?
I started working at Miami eight years ago. At the time, I worked with all of Miami's faculty-led study abroad programs out of the office of Lifelong Learning. I continued in a similar role when the university created Global Initiatives, and the number of programs grew significantly with the introduction of winter term. Now, I work with four specific programs, the San Francisco, Cincinnati, and Lux Digital Innovation programs, and the new European Innovation Academy launching for Miami this summer in Portugal.

3. Why did you decide to establish the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Center and how will it complement the existing centers?

We are so excited to add Luxembourg to the Digital Innovation list! This is a natural progression of the Digital Innovation programs, which started in San Francisco almost 10 years ago, then added Cinci a few years ago. With LDI, we are looking forward to not only growing a Miami tradition 50 years in the making, but also connecting with an innovation hub in Europe! With Miami's background in study abroad, this is the perfect opportunity to connect our international footprint with the exciting developments in business, technology, and design in Lux and in Oxford!

4. What do you like to do when you aren't on the job?
Play with legos, puzzles, and plastic food, of course! I have two young kids, and we love to play games, pretend, and 'cook'. But, I can't wait til the weather is warmer so we can get back to hiking, camping, and canoeing.

5. What is a fun fact about you that most people, especially MUDEC Méinden readers, don't know? 
Despite my long career in international education, and at Miami, and helping with a MUDEC study tour last summer, I have only been able to visit the château for a total of 15 minutes! I cannot wait to return!

2020 Start Me Up Miami Alumni and LDI Launch Event

Dean Leterre with Cheryl Young and François Carbon from the University of Luxembourg
Dean Thierry Leterre, Cheryl Young and François Carbon (University of Luxembourg)
Provost Jason Osborne speaking
Provost Jason Osborne speaking
Miami Alumni Georges Lentz, Georges Zimer, and Florent Schennetten
Miami Alumni Georges Lentz, Georges Zimer, and Florent Schennetten
Miami alumni Nathalie Stec, Alyssa Di Cara, Mandy Roszak, Gwendy Miranda, Monique Hardt
Miami alumni Nathalie Stec, Alyssa Di Cara, Mandy Roszak, Gwendy Miranda, Monique Hardt
Crowd at the event
Crowd at the event
LHoFT CEO Nasir Zubairi speaking
LHoFT CEO Nasir Zubairi speaking

Miami Delegation Visit to the University of Luxembourg

Miami Delegation with Rector Stéphane Pallage
Miami Delegation with Rector Stéphane Pallage
Miami Delegation in the Library
Miami Delegation in the Library
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