Policies and procedures for a meaningful competition experience
Policies and procedures for a meaningful competition experience
Navigate the New AMC Part 5: Promote Competition Integrity
Welcome back to our email series guiding you through the new AMC Platform! You can find the previous emails in the series on our website. This email will focus on our policies for maintaining the competition's integrity.

As Competition Managers, it’s important to provide a meaningful AMC experience for your students, where their efforts are fairly recognized. CMs have played a significant role in keeping students accountable during and after the competition, ensuring all students have a fair chance of competing! Through MAA AMC’s policies and technology system, we all help maintain the integrity of the competition.

Here are ways we promote competition integrity, and how you can do your part.
Policy #1: Score Delay
The new AMC Platform is capable of instantaneously generating student score reports upon submitting a digital competition or uploading a scanned competition. However, to ensure the no-discussion period is upheld, scores will be released 24 hours from the end of the competition timeframe. 

We look forward to you receiving your scores faster than ever before!
AMC Platform Feature #1: One Competition Per Student
While our system offers Competition Managers the flexibility to administer the competition in either digital or paper form on Competition Day, it also contains checks and balances to ensure that a student cannot submit two competitions. If a student completes the competition digitally, their row will have a “(Complete)” in the Approved column:
Screenshot of Student Registration Page showing
This will also show up when a Competition Manager uploads a student’s Answer Sheet into the Competition Administration Portal. Once a student’s status displays “Complete” from one submitted competition, no other versions can be attached to that student’s profile.
AMC Platform Feature #2: Controlled Access to the Competition
Digital Administration: 

The digital competition will not appear in Student Portals until 8 a.m. ET on Competition Day, the official opening of the competition timeframe. It will become locked at 11:59 p.m. ET at the end of Competition Day (for the AMC 10/12) or Competition Week (for the AMC 8). 

As an extra security mechanism, the AMC Platform requires students to enter a Digital Competition Passcode distributed by the Competition Manager before they can access the competition.
Screenshot of the Digital Competition Passcode entry prompt in the Student Portal
It's imperative that you don't share this code in advance of Competition Day.
Policy #2: In-Person Proctoring and Reporting Cheating
The MAA AMC has always required Competition Managers to be affiliated with a physical location, even in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the last two cycles, we temporarily allowed remote proctoring solely in response to school buildings closing due to COVID-19. With schools reopened, we are now returning to our original in-person format.

In-person proctoring allows CMs to easily monitor students and identify if participants are communicating with one another.

Reminder: As per MAA AMC policy, If you observe any student cheating, you must disqualify the participant and notify the AMC at amchq@maa.org for further action. Report any cheating accusations as well, providing all available evidence of the situation. We take all cheating accusations and disqualifications seriously.You can read our full cheating policy and consequences here.
Because of individuals like you monitoring the integrity and fidelity of our students’ work, our competitions program remains one of the most respected in the world. We thank you for supporting your math community – we are privileged to support you.
Additional Resources
AMC Platform Training: If you missed the Zoom walkthrough of the new AMC Platform, you can watch the recording here.

AMC Resource Guide: You can find links to this year’s Teacher’s Manuals and the new AMC Platform FAQs in this guide.
Questions? For AMC registration, policy, and payment, contact amcinfo@maa.org or 800-527-3690. For technical issues, contact amctech@maa.org.

As we roll out the system in these weeks before Competition Day, we are diligently fixing any issues as they appear. If you notice any possible security issues, please bring it to our attention at amctech@maa.org
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