The Dream: ARI's Global Headquarters
The Dream: ARI's Global Headquarters
The Dream: ARI’s Global Headquarters
It has long been a dream of José Luis Herrera, ARI’s Chairman and Founder, that ARI would establish its Global Headquarters in Maras, Peru. As don Manuel Quispe said, ‘This is the time of the great cross-pollination’, and it is time for the ARI Global Headquarters to serve as the meeting place for our growing international network of supporters. From students to professional volunteers to initiated modern paqos from around the world, our work lies not just in preserving Andean wisdom, but more importantly in keeping this great wisdom alive and at work re-creating states of fulfillment for the people of the Sacred Valley, of Peru, and of the world at large.
First steps, next steps
Over the past decade we have been gradually gathering the resources to begin manifesting José Luis’ vision, creating the first spaces for the office staff, our volunteers, and the caretakers of the property. Recently we’ve taken more significant steps, including reaching the final stages of the building permit and ministerial approvals process, and we expect final permits to be granted soon. Once we have our permits in hand, thanks to a very generous private donation dedicated to kickstarting our headquarters, we’ll begin construction and be able to build the first floor of our new facility. Our new building, the home of our future Global Headquarters, will replace of the current street-facing buildings that many of you are familiar with at our Maras Center. One of the most important features of our new headquarters is a clinic space equipped to provide both medical and dental support for local community members, and we’re looking forward to serving the community in this new capacity. There will be many more benefits for the community with the building of the second floor, but we’ll need to match these beginning funds to complete the project!
We appreciate you! . . .
ARI has been blessed with generous donors over the years, and we thank you again for your support. Every donation, large or small, is put to work in support of our programs; every
purchase of original Andean jewelry and textiles from our online store, the ARI Marketplace,
also goes directly to the support of our programs.
 . . . and we need you!
Donate now to help us complete our new headquarters!
At this time, we are calling for your special contribution to help support the final stages of realizing José Luis’ dream. Our goal is to match our initial donors' gift of $43,000.
Beginning today, every dollar donated to our General Fund will be used to fund the new headquarters building and keep our Chairman’s dream on the path to full manifestation.
Help us keep this special campaign moving forward! Please make as generous a contribution as you can to the General Fund to support the ARI Global Headquarters Campaign.
You can donate to this historic ARI initiative here:
All donations are deeply appreciated, but we hope you'll consider giving
$75, $100, $250 or more

Select ‘General Fund’ for your donation.
Beginning September 2016, all contributions to the general fund will go toward the Global Headquarters Initiative.
Want to do more?
• Become an ARI Volunteer!
It's easy. Just fill out our Volunteer Application!
• Visit the ARI Marketplace for our beautiful jewelry and textiles! All Marketplace proceeds go into our General Fund.
• Our new water system is up and running, and we're looking to expand it soon. You can donate  directly to the Water Project: CLICK HERE.
Don Manuel Quispe always told us that we have no choice but to allow ourselves to be reclaimed by the collective. Please join us in this great collective ‘reclamation’ by adding your donation to our General Fund for the new ARI Global Headquarters. You will be helping our collective better serve other collectives in Peru and around the world!
From everyone at ARI, thank you for your ongoing support!
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