AIME cutoff scores are now available
AIME cutoff scores are now available
Navigate the NEW AMC Part 8: Understanding Score Reports
Thank you again for administering the AMC 10/12 this year! We have especially appreciated your flexibility with our new AMC Platform.

The scores are now finalized. If you have issues with any of your student’s scores, please contact for rescoring.  

We are pleased to announce this year’s American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME) cutoff scores earlier than ever before, thanks to our new system:
2022-23 AIME Qualification Scores: AMC 10 A - 93, AMC 12 A - 85.5, AMC 10 B - 94.5, AMC 12 B - 81
If one or more of your students qualified for the AIME, please see below for more information.
Screenshot of AMC Platform with Reports highlighted
The award reports that specify which students met the awarding categories are now available on the Reports page. Access reports by clicking the "Reports" tab of the top menu bar or clicking on the reports under “After the Competition” in your dashboard. Find more detail about generating specific score reports below.

"After the Competition" also has links to certificate templates and solutions sets. We encourage you to use the certificates to recognize your participating students. 
Step 1: Choose Your Score Report Format
On the Reports page, use the drop-down menus under “Create a Report” to toggle between competitions (if you administered more than one) and types of reports. There are multiple ways to view your students' scoring information.
Screenshot of
To see all of your students’ scores at a glance, select “List Reports” then the “Student List By Name” options (to see student scores in alphabetical order) or “Student List By Score” (to see students in order of their scores).
Screenshot of List Reports with Student List and Awards List highlighted
To see the award reports, select “List Reports” then "Award List."
Screenshot of Awards List Report
You can save or print a copy of any report by clicking on the “Export to PDF” or “Export to CSV” buttons on the right side.
Screenshot of Report export buttons
If you wish to see how your students collectively answered each question, you can select “Summary Reports” and then “Horizontal Summary by Alpha” or “Horizontal Summary By Score.” This report also provides the  Common Core Standard met by each problem.
Screenshot of Creating Summary Reports
This report has a column for each problem number. The row along the top shows the correct answer for each question. The space in each student's row is left blank if they answered correctly or shows their answer. 
Screenshot of Summary Horizontal Report
Or you can select “Individual Reports” and “Student Details” to pull up a report page for each student who took that competition. It shows their answers, the correct answers, the number of points received for each problem, and their overall score. Since these reports show the correct answers, we will not be releasing a separate answer key this year.
Step 2: Share Score Reports with Students
It is the Competition Manager's responsibility to share scores with students. Students will not have access to their scores in their portals. Below you'll find tips to get you started:
  • Select "Individual Reports" and "Student Details," then click the “Export to PDF” button. Print the document and give scores to your students.
  • If you wish to send the information electronically and cannot separate the PDF pages, select “Export to CSV” and copy each student’s score information as a row to place within an email or mail merge. (Please note that this version does not show the correct answer for each problem). The student’s score appears in the “Group1Pts” column towards the end of this spreadsheet. If you included a District ID in a student’s registration, this would appear in their row.
Screenshot of CSV version of Individual Reports
  •  Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of each PDF page and email it to your student.
AIME Competition Day: Important Information for Competition Managers
Congratulations to your student(s) on qualifying for the American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME)! Your student(s) will automatically be registered for the AIME I in their student portal(s).

Students will have three hours during their local four-hour window to complete the AIME.
  • The AIME I must be given on Tuesday, Feb. 7 from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET.
If you are unable to administer the AIME I, you may register for the AIME II on Wednesday, Feb. 15, by completing the AIME II Registration Form by Feb. 6. If students must take the AIME at a different location than the AMC 10/12, you must fill out a Change of Venue Form by Jan. 30. The links to these digital forms will be available under "Competition Resources" in your AMC Platform dashboard.
  • The AIME II must be given on Wednesday, Feb. 15 from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET.
Questions? Contact MAA AMC customer service at or 800-527-3690.
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