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August 16, 2015
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Lavender Fields at Sunrise
Father Gabriel had one extravagance, which was a delightfully open secret. It endeared him to many, showing him human and in so delicious a manner human. He gave full rein to his passion for the smell of lavender: old English lavender, in every form; the flower dried, in sachets; lavender soap, lavender water, lavender bath-salts. It was even said on good authority that he burned lavender stalks as incense in his room. The fragrance of lavender hung around him; and many ladies in consequence considered lavender too holy a scent for ordinary use. The odour of lavender was identical with the odour of sanctity.
                    -- from Nine tales, By Hugh De Sélincourt
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Sandalwood CO2
Sandalwood CO2 Select
Santalum spicatum
Australia -  wild harvest

Soft, sweet, subtle but rich, precious woods bouquet with a  nutty, creamy, balsamic undertone. Can be used as a fixative in high class florals, amber bases, chypre, fougere, musk accords, precious woods notes, incense bouquets, sacred perfumes.
Majmua Attar
Complex Codistillation

Sweet  ethereal floral, yet cool  earthy-rooty bouquet with a green herbaceous-mossy undertone. Wonderfully complex and captivating, evoking the beauty of the monsoon season, when the richly aromatic plant life of India springs to life and fills the atmosphere with their intoxicating odors. Could find a place in herbaceous bouquets, forest notes, incense blends, sacred perfumes and precious woods accords.

Fir Balsam "Coeur"
Fir Balsam "Coeur" Absolute
Abies balsamea
Canada - wild harvest
Rich, warm, green, resinous bouquet with a sweet, woody, delicate coumarinic undertone of excellent tenacity. In natural perfumery it is used in holiday bouquets, forest notes, sacred perfumes, incense bouquets, colognes, new mown hay, amber notes.
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Spearmint Essential Oil
Mentha spicata 
- organic

Eucalyptus citriodora
Eucalyptus citriodora
Eucalyptus citriodora
India - organic

Citron Essential Oil
Citrus medica
Italy - convention

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