See what's new and let us know if you have questions!
See what's new and let us know if you have questions!

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Help out a fellow member group: Does your group have a "hands off" way to handle your spirit wear store? Please share what has worked well for your group to minimize the workload on your board when it comes to spirit wear sales.
Spirit Wear Store Feedback
Bylaws! What Are They And Why Do We Need Them?
By Nicole McCabe, CSB Vice President
Hi Everyone! We hope summer break is treating you well. It’s hard to believe we will be back to the grind in just a few weeks. Time is flying by way too fast!  
So what exactly are “BYLAWS”
To put it in simple terms they are the constitution of a non-profit’s world. Every organization carries their own bylaws. This is to ensure that members are following the rules and laws outlined by their governing board. 
Our organization(CSB) has put forth our own set of bylaws for all groups within our umbrella. This ensures that all of the groups belonging to CSB operate within the same parameters. 
To ensure that every group and member within each group adheres to said bylaws, it is important that all members are given a copy of your groups bylaws when they begin their term.
To ensure groups remain transparent, it is a requirement of our bylaws to supply and review your group's bylaws at a general meeting one time per year. 
Bylaws outline the purpose of the organization, define the roles of each officer, establish how financials are handled and whom can handle them and so much more.  All in all it helps us stay a well oiled machine operating in a standard way. 
Bylaws can be customized “somewhat” from group to group. For instance if you want to change term limits from 1 to 2 years, that is something that can be done. However, some things cannot be changed.  For instance a district employee cannot be a signer on your bank account, and a minimum number of people must be on the account. 
If you haven’t already turned in your renewal registration form make sure to attach a copy of your groups bylaws with that registration form. 
If you have questions about your bylaws - or bylaws in general - please do not hesitate to reach out to us.  

Annual Financial Reports Due August 13

Once again, it is time to submit your annual financial information for the CSB’s tax return preparation.

The Annual Financial Report template can be found on the CSB website at:
Also located on this same webpage are several helpful documents that will help you understand specifics about advertising, sponsorship, contributions, fundraising and product and other sales examples that may be relevant to your group and facilitate your reporting.

Click here for a direct link to the Annual Financial Report template:
Annual Financial Report Template
Included on the Excel template is a tab containing instructions for completion of the template.
Treasurers, please make sure you look at the Instructions tab first and scroll to the bottom for the full instructions. Subsequent tabs have additional helpful hints and guidance as well.

Remember that the fiscal year you are reporting is July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021. You are required to submit the Annual Financial Report template by August 13, 2021 with the following additional documents:
1. Bank statements ending June 30, 2020, July 31, 2020, June 30, 2021 and July 31, 2021
2. Profit and loss statement
3. Balance sheet (or check register showing transaction detail and ending bank balance)
4. As an alternative to the profit and loss statement and balance sheet, you may submit a completed CSB Accounting Template instead.

While you may begin completing the template now, we request that you wait to submit your information until after July 31, 2021 so that everything, including the July 2020 bank statement, may be submitted at one time.

Submit your Annual Financial Template and accompanying documents to the CSB Administrative Assistant, Erin Northroup, but direct questions to Lisa Knox at
Thank You
Thanks to each and every group for making pro-rata share payments on time. This is the first time EVER that we have not had to assess late fees. We appreciate your timely attention to this matter. You rock!!
A message from the Treasurer: Our marathon is officially a sprint!
By James Jones, CSB Treasurer

Welcome both new board members and returning board members!

We are now deploying the first two pillars in building a foundation for growth, (1) the standardized banking platform with MidFirst Bank and (2) the standardized PTO/Booster management suite with RunPTO. And as we progress with this these phases, we will integrate a 3rd pillar, (3) a standardized merchant services platform that integrates with RunPTO.

Our goal is to get your bank account activated as quickly as possible. There are several steps in the process. As CSB staff reaches out to you for information, please treat this with a high level of urgency given the large volume of data that is being vetted. Below are the primary steps in obtaining your MidFirst Bank account.
1) Provide names of authorized signers to CSB staff. The easiest way to do this is to Complete the Renewal Membership (click here)
a. Only one board member is required to complete this form.
2) An online link will be sent to authorized bank signers to collect information required for account set-up.
3) MidFirst will create your profile and contact you via email, please follow their instructions to set-up an appointment through their online portal.
4) Your identification is verified, and a signature card is created at the branch.
5) Your account is active!

Guidelines & Regulations

All board members for PTO and booster groups, as well as CSB reps and alternates, need to register on the CSB website
This is how you will continue to receive CSB communications. When creating your account, please be sure to fill out all information on the form.
* Please make sure ALL your board members have registered.
** Please pass these instructions on to incoming board members.
Register Here
CSB is going high-tech” and this form will be easier for members to use (no handwriting or trying to type responses in a Word form not actually set up as a fillable form and no scanning the form to Erin) and ultimately help us manage our member database better
We also need each member group to download and fill out the Application for Renewal Membership.
If you're a returning member, you'll notice our form is new and improved! No more handwriting and scanning. We've gone high tech in an effort to better manage our member database.
With the changing of officers on your board, please be sure to review your group's bylaws as well as the CSB bylaws before the start of each new school year. As a reminder, your bylaws should conform to the Bylaws Template.
And if your group makes any changes to your bylaws, you must keep a copy for your records and submit a copy to Erin for review:
Bylaws Template
Annual Financial Reporting FAQ’s
Q: Will any training be offered to assist in filling out the Annual Financial Reporting template?
A: Yes! Two hands-on trainings will be offered at the CUSD District Office at 1525 W Frye Rd. Bring all your paperwork (bank statements, profit and loss and balance sheet or completed Accounting Template, which is described in the next question). Laptops will be available for your use, or bring your own.

Thursday, July 29 6:30-8:30 pm
Tuesday, August 3 6:30-8:30 pm

Q: What if I don’t have a profit and loss statement or balance sheet required for submission with my Annual Financial Report?
A: Use the CSB’s Accounting Template. It can be found at This template provides a convenient spreadsheet for your use in recording revenue and expenditure transactions on a monthly basis. Designed to integrate with the Annual Financial Reporting Template, use of this template will allow you to easily reconcile to your bank statements and provide a concise profit and loss statement for reporting to your board and general member meetings. What’s the best part? The template will accumulate revenues and expenditures in a format that will allow easy transfer of information to the Annual Financial Reporting Template at year-end, simplifying the process and saving you valuable time!

All groups are encouraged to use this template until such time that your group transitions to our new common software platform RunPTO during this next school year! Direct any questions to Lisa Knox at
Here is a direct link to the template:
Annual Financial Report Template
Q: What if I haven’t recorded any transactions for the school year?
A: It is ALWAYS advised that you keep up on your recordkeeping throughout the year. In fact, you are required to do so as part of your bylaws, since full, detailed financial reports should be reported at every meeting. But if you didn’t keep up during the year, then now is the time to remedy that. Gather all bank statements for the year and all expense receipts, bank deposit records, check register and any other documentation that you kept for your financial transactions. Begin filling out the Accounting Template and recording all transactions, making sure they reconcile to your bank statements.
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