Spring: Change and Possibility Ahead
Spring: Change and Possibility Ahead
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APRIL 2021

Spring: An Unsettling Time of Change and Possibility 
As I write this, spring is upon us.  In these parts, spring brings glimmers of hope and gusts of disappointment, sometimes both in the same day. 
Many Tufts law school applicants are reviewing the decisions ahead.  Some are considering where to put deposits (or even whether to go to law school in the fall after all).  Others are thinking about wait lists, and wondering whether they will get offered a spot at one of the schools where they are on a wait list.  
It was an unusually competitive application season.  The cohort of people who will be entering law school next fall will have higher academic credentials and bring more determination than in any recent year.  It will be a great time to be in law school -- talented, interesting people who all share an interest in justice.  
I predict that there will be a great deal of activity on wait lists over the coming months, and so the roller coaster of surprises and possibilities will continue for those who choose to stay on wait lists.  
I have enjoyed working with all Tufts applicants, and look forward to watching your journey through law school continue.  Please don't hesitate to reach out through the spring and summer if I can be useful.  
Tufts Lawyers Want To Help You: Upcoming Events

Tufts Judicial Series:  

Wednesday, April 7, 2021  5:00 - 6:30 PM Eastern

The Tufts Lawyers Association (TLA) will host a virtual conversation with the Honorable Andre Birotte Jr., A87, U.S. District Court, Central District of California. TLA is honored to welcome Judge Birotte as part of its ongoing Tufts Judicial Series – a series of programs highlighting distinguished TLA members who serve in our state and federal judiciaries.

We will start with a conversation with Judge Birotte about his path from Tufts to the bench, the present status of the courts, and feedback/advice to practitioners.  Attendees will be able to pose their own questions during the program.  Following the discussion with Judge Birotte, we will enter breakout rooms for some informal networking. All alumni, students, parents and friends are welcome to attend. For more information on Judge Birotte, visit the event page.

What Law School Doesn't Teach

Wednesday, April 14, 2021  8:00 - 9:30 PM Eastern
Join the TLA Law Student Group for our inaugural event. This event will feature a panel of Tufts alumni in private practice, public interest, and the judiciary. Our panelists will explore aspects of the legal profession that law school doesn’t prepare law students for and offer advice on how to graduate as “practice-ready” as possible. We look to provide an interactive platform for current law students to meet other Jumbos in the legal profession. The virtual environment of the event will allow for career exploration and informal networking, and will be a great chance to connect with current Tufts law students and other Tufts alumni! For more information on our panel, visit the event page.

Find Lawyers to Talk To -- Using LinkedIn or The Herd

If you've met with me and are considering whether law school is right for you, I've probably already advised you to set a goal for yourself of having a number of conversations with lawyers.  You'll want to ask them questions designed to understand the nature of their work: its particular requirements, its challenges and rewards, and the people who are most fulfilled by or suited to it.  You'll want to ask what surprises or non-obvious characteristics make someone happy or unhappy in a legal career.  And you'll want to follow up by asking for more names of attorneys in different types of specialties, working environments, or at different stages of their career paths.  
After you have had 3 to 5 of these conversations, you'll have a much richer understanding of what possibilities being a lawyer may offer, and your instincts about whether it is a good fit for you will be better informed.  
You can find attorneys who want to help you through the Tufts Lawyers Association.  The group has more than 1100 attorneys and you can join on LinkedIn here. 
You can also find helpful alumni on The Herd.  Learn more about using The Herd here

Changes Coming to the LSAT

June will be the final month to take the LSAT-Flex in its current configuration (1 section each of Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension).  Starting in August, the LSAT will resume its practice of including an unscored section, to better calibrate and test its library of test questions.  Of course, applicants won't know which section is unscored, which means you will need to do your best on four sections, rather than only three.   
This shouldn't be a big departure, but it will mean that the test interval is longer, and it may mean you face two sections of your least-favorite question type.  As you prepare, consider how to mentally build the endurance and equanimity to help you perform successfully under those conditions, and how to avoid getting rattled if you get a particularly hard unscored segment at the beginning of your test.  
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