News and resources for PDX employees.
News and resources for PDX employees.
Maria Castaneda and Jose Aguilar
Alaska Airlines
PDX Quarterly Customer Service Champions Honored 
From losing a precious belonging to facing an upset child in a sticky situation, when passengers find themselves in less-than-ideal circumstances, PDX People come through with problem-solving skills and empathy.
While difficult situations, emotional moments and medical emergencies may not be regular occurrences, airport employees provide excellent customer service every day. To recognize those examples that truly stand out as extraordinary, we host the PDX People customer service awards each quarter.
The virtual awards ceremony was held on Tuesday, Oct. 27. If you couldn't watch in real time, don't worry! You can read about the winners and a recording will be posted on the PDX employee website soon.
Want to nominate an employee who embodies the PDX People values and serves as a shining example of great customer service? Submit a nomination now.
Alaska Airlines Offers COVID-19 Testing at PDX
Alaska Airlines has partnered with a testing provider to make rapid testing available to their PDX travelers whose destinations require a COVID-19 test.
The pop-up facility is located on the upper outer roadway, just north of the valet parking booth, which is currently closed. Passengers who come for testing must park in the parking garage. No parking is allowed on the roadway. The pop-up is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
If you're wondering if other airlines’ travelers or airport employees can get tested there too, the pop-up testing facility on the roadway is just for Alaska Airlines’ travelers at this point.
For more information about COVID-19 testing for Alaska Airlines passengers, head to their website:
B/C Checkpoint Lane Changes
Starting now, the B/C checkpoint lanes will begin making a move to the south. By Monday, Nov. 9, all lanes will have completed their move and the new south exit lane will open. These changes are necessary as we make room for the westward expansion of the terminal, which will grow by 150’ in Spring 2021. Catch up on what else is new with PDX Next.
A Taste of PDX at Home
As Bambuza Vietnam Kitchen’s Katherine Lam says, “Don’t let making meals at home scare you. It’s not about trying to impress your friends with a fancy dinner party. It’s about being creative with everyday groceries, learning what foods you didn’t know you liked and cooking while no one’s watching and there’s no pressure.”
That’s not the only helpful culinary advice Katherine dishes out in this six-minute cooking demonstration. The co-owner of Bambuza Hospitality Group, Port of Portland Commissioner and PDX People working committee member will show you how to adapt her restaurant’s salad roll recipe so you can make it at home with whatever ingredients you have on hand. All you need are the essentials – rice paper, lettuce, herbs and vegetables – and you can make this easy meal part of your daily routine.
PDX In Pictures
In this series of photos, Atlantic Aviation ramp personnel do their nightly prep work of the fuel trucks that will pump thousands of gallons of aircraft fuel throughout the course of the day. Pictured are Vishal Mohan (center photo) and Miguel Rojales (bottom photo). In addition to gassing up the trucks and filling them with jet fuel, Vishal and Miguel also sample the quality of the fuel to ensure no contaminants or water are present, which could pose a hazard to aircraft. Atlantic Aviation is the sole “fixed base operator” at PDX, providing services to private, corporate, charter and military aircraft.
About PDX In Pictures: For this periodic segment, we've asked Airport Duty Manager Brian Burk to share photos he captures while on the job with PDX Airport Operations. Brian has worked for the Port of Portland since 2007, but his first PDX job was as a high schooler in 1994. He's a native Portlander and a pilot who loves photography, flying and taking people behind the scenes of his favorite place: PDX.
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