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MUDEC Méinden Spring 2022 #2
MUDEC Méinden Spring 2022 #2
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Spring 2022 #2

February 28, 2022

Life at the Château

by Corbett Haase, MUDEC newsletter intern
Corbett Haase
Two more weeks have passed, and most students at the Château seem to be settled into a routine. They go to classes, have lunch as a whole group, and spend most of their time in and around the Château, which grants multiple opportunities to debrief with other students over their weekend travels and activities.
It might be interesting to note that this class is the largest Luxembourg has seen since COVID-19 first impacted the program in 2020. There are a whopping 107 of us here; possible evidence that life is getting back to normal, which is quite exciting!
Miami’s European program offers several opportunities for students to go on Discovery Tours around the region. Thus far, MUDEC has done discovery tours to Bourscheid and Vianden Castles, Diekirch Museum and Verdun Memorial, Trier, Germany and Maastricht, Netherlands.
Trier Discovery Tour group View from the treetops in Trier, Germany Students with tour guide in Maastricht
Left to Right: Group photo in Trier; The view from the treetops in Trier; Group photo in Maastricht
Junior Alyson McVan, a Creative Writing, Media and Culture double major minoring in Marketing attended the Maastricht discovery tour, and noted that her favorite part was seeing Boekhandel Dominicanen.
Located inside Maastricht’s Dominican church, which lost its sacred function 200 years ago, the Boekhandel Dominicanen is often referred to as the most beautiful bookshop in the world, and is a venue with a rich history and cultural impact.
“The bookstore was just beautiful inside and had such a large array of books, music, art and other media. It was so cool to see books in different languages and a lot of the books seemed a lot more artistic than in the states, the covers had more finesse and intricacies. It was definitely a highlight of the walking tour,” McVan said.
Sint Janskerk Church, Maastricht Bikes in Maastricht
Left to Right: Exterior of Sint Janskerk Church & Basilica; the Boekhandel Dominicanen; Students passing by a bicycle parking area in Maastricht
The Philharmonie trio on stage
Here in Differdange, students are presented with multiple opportunities to learn more about international relationships and political happenings of the world, and granted opportunities to see beautiful art and culture come to life.
Students went to Luxembourg’s Philharmonie a few weekends ago; the Philharmonie is a gorgeous concert hall in the heart of Luxembourg City. The entire MUDEC class was bussed in and was able to see a symphonic trio, an entirely female group, consisting of a pianist, a cellist and a violinist, perform. It was such a privilege to watch these women who were so obviously passionate about their art express themselves in such an intimate concert hall.
Students and staff listen to a guest speaker
MUDEC has already hosted several guest speakers in the past few weeks; two diplomats from the US Embassy came by to discuss American involvement abroad, and the Belgian Ambassador, Thomas Lambert hosted a lecture on his duties as an ambassador and the role he plays as a diplomat.
Ambassador Lambert mentioned that he is fascinated by this generation’s desire to expand their international and intercultural knowledge, and that our globalization will have major impacts on policy and international relationships in the future.
MUDEC also hosts a reception after our guest lecturers speak, which allows students to sit down and talk more with our guests, so we get a chance to ask questions and learn more about their work.
Although it must feel like second nature to us by now, it is remarkable to see how all of us grow and experience so much every single day.

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