See what's new and let us know if you have questions!
See what's new and let us know if you have questions!

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2021/2022 General Meeting Dates

Wednesday, September 1, 2021, 7-8pm
Wendesday, November 3, 2021, 7-8pm
Thursday, February 17, 2022, 7-8pm
Election Meeting Thursday, April 21, 2022, 7-8pm
At this time, the plan is for all general meetings to take place virtually. The link will be sent out before each meeting.
2021/2022 Communications Plan
By Nicole McCabe, CSB Vice President
We’d like to welcome all of our new members along with all of those who are returning this year.
As we enter our third school year amidst a global pandemic, it seems we are still in uncharted waters.  However, we can navigate this together. One way to ensure that we are all on the same page is to use checklists. The CSB board will be creating many different checklists to guide you throughout the year.
Our first checklist will be in regard to preparing for the new school year and the steps to follow to get your year in motion. If you are new to the world of PTO’s and Booster clubs this will be a great resource for you. To those who have been around awhile this may seem like old hat, but even you may find this a useful resource. As you have seen, we are evolving as an organization and this will be a vital part of the evolution. As a former PTO and Booster President, I can understand how hectic the beginning of the year can be. Meetings, budgets, calendars, parent involvement, spirit wear and the list goes on and on.
New this year, our weekly communications will include weekly articles, starting with a main topic at the beginning of each month. Diving deeper into aspects of the topic with each weekly article for the remainder of the month. We hope that the new format will help guide you each month and throughout the year.

We appreciate every single one of you, our CSB members!

Please email me, Nicole, at with suggestions for articles on subjects you would like to know more about.  Feedback is greatly appreciated.
Annual Financial Reports were due August 13

Please use the "Annual Financial Report Template" button below if your group has not yet submitted your report.
Annual Financial Report Template
A message from the Treasurer: Our marathon is officially a sprint!
By James Jones, CSB Treasurer

Welcome both new board members and returning board members!

We are now deploying the first two pillars in building a foundation for growth, (1) the standardized banking platform with MidFirst Bank and (2) the standardized PTO/Booster management suite with RunPTO. And as we progress with this these phases, we will integrate a 3rd pillar, (3) a standardized merchant services platform that integrates with RunPTO.

Our goal is to get your bank account activated as quickly as possible. There are several steps in the process. As CSB staff reaches out to you for information, please treat this with a high level of urgency given the large volume of data that is being vetted. Below are the primary steps in obtaining your MidFirst Bank account.
1) Provide names of authorized signers to CSB staff. The easiest way to do this is to Complete the Renewal Membership (click here)
a. Only one board member is required to complete this form.
2) An online link will be sent to authorized bank signers to collect information required for account set-up.
3) MidFirst will create your profile and contact you via email, please follow their instructions to set-up an appointment through their online portal.
4) Your identification is verified, and a signature card is created at the branch.
5) Your account is active!

Guidelines & Regulations

All board members for PTO and booster groups, as well as CSB reps and alternates, need to register on the CSB website
This is how you will continue to receive CSB communications. When creating your account, please be sure to fill out all information on the form.
* Please make sure ALL your board members have registered.
** Please pass these instructions on to incoming board members.
Register Here
CSB is going high-tech and this form will be easier for members to use (no handwriting or trying to type responses in a Word form not actually set up as a fillable form and no scanning the form to Erin) and ultimately help us manage our member database better.
We also need each member group to download and fill out the Application for Renewal Membership.
If you're a returning member, you'll notice our form is new and improved! No more handwriting and scanning. We've gone high tech in an effort to better manage our member database.
With the changing of officers on your board, please be sure to review your group's bylaws as well as the CSB bylaws before the start of each new school year. As a reminder, your bylaws should conform to the Bylaws Template.
If your group makes any submit a copy to Erin for review:
Once approved by Erin, minutes can be approved at your next PTO or Booster meeting.
Bylaws Template
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