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April 02, 2017
White Lotus Newsletter
Gardenia "Tiare" Absolute (Gardenis tahitensis) is a amber-to-golden liquid displaying an intensely sweet, exotic sweet, floral bouquet with a very complex ambery, spicy, fruity undertone of fine tenacity. This species of Gardenia is quite distinct, from an olfactory standpoint, from the type of gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides) commonly grown in warm-weather gardens.

In natural perfumery it is excellent as a stand-alone perfume, in tropical bouquets, Oriental essences, elegant florals, garland perfumes and sacred blends.
Gardenia "Tiare" Absolute
Update About Inventory Reduction

Dear Friends - Kind greetings!

With the kindness and support of our friends and customers we are now approaching a more manageable inventory for White Lotus Aromatics. After many years of managing a palette of over 400 essential oils, absolutes, co2 extracts, attars, ruhs and natural blends we are now down to a core group of offerings of a little over 200.

Our main focus is now on absolutes, natural blends and attars, but we have decided to keep around 75 essential oils which are personal favorites, including some of the more well-known:  like lavenders, geraniums, ylangs, patchoulis, and frankincenses; as well as some of the harder-to-find items: like yuzu, blue cypress, buddhawood, siamwood, costus, etc.

In April, there will be no mid-month specials newsletter.

Everything that we have to offer on special is now posted in the

Once those oils are sold out they will not be replaced with the exception of Sandalwood Indonesia which we will continue to offer if we can continue to procure it. We still have a reasonably good stock of it. (over 100 ounces)

But please note that April will be the last month that Sandalwood will be on Special. The Indonesian Sandalwood is a remarkably beautiful oil, so if it is dear to you, this is a good opportunity to procure it at a reduced price.

With a warm thanks to all of you,
Christopher and Suzanne

Cypress Alaska
Chamaecyparis nootkatensis
Wild Harvest
$12 oz

Regular  $15 oz
Frankincense Oman
Boswellia sacra

Wild Harvest
$60 oz

Regular  $75 oz
Clary Sage Essential Oil
Salvia sclera
$24 oz

Regular  $30 oz
Helichrysum Absolute
The absolute of helichrysum displays a deep, sweet, rich herbaceous-coumarinic bouquet with a honeyed, floral, woody undertone of fine tenacity.
In natural perfumery it is wonderful for herbal bouquets, new mown hay accords, elegant florals, culinary creations, roseaceous notes, tea blends, and Oriental bouquets.

Holy Basil Essential Oil
Holy Basil, Eugenol-rich essential oil (Ocimum sanctum) is a clear white liquid displaying a soft, sweet, green, spicy-herbaceous bouquet with a fine balsamic, woody undertone. Tenacity is very good.
In natural perfumery is used in fougeres, chypres, herbal bouquets, spice accords, sacred perfumes, and garland essences.

Strawberry Melange
Strawberry Natural Melange is a  proprietary blend of essential oil fractions.  The oil is a pale yellow liquid with an extremely rich, deep, sweet, tart, fresh strawberry-like aroma. The natural blend captures the full, rich beatufy of the fresh fruit.
In natural perfumery is used in culinary perfumes,  florals, fruit accords, tropical bouquets. It can produce interesting effects in chypre, colognes, amber bases in trace quantities. 
Listen a moment, I pray you; what was that sound I heard? 
Wind in the budding branches, the ripple of brooks, or a bird? 
Hear it again, above us! and see! a flutter of wings! 
The bluebird knows it is April, and soars toward the sun and sings.

Never the song of the robin could make my heart so glad. 
When I hear the bluebird singing in spring, I forget to be sad. 
Hear it! A ripple of music! Sunshine changed into song! 
It sets me thinking of summer when the days and their dreams are long.

Winged lute that we call a bluebird, you blend in a silver strain 
The sound of the laughing waters, the patter of spring's sweet rain, 
The voice of the winds, the sunshine, and fragrance of blossoming things.
Ah! You are an April poem, that God has dowered with wings!

by Eben Eugene Rexford

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