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In Rememberance of Professor Emerita, Dr. Gloria Horrworth
In Rememberance of Professor Emerita, Dr. Gloria Horrworth

Dr. Gloria Horrworth, retired professor in the field of reading education and long-serving faculty member of the Graduate School of Education and Human Development (GSEHD), died on March 30, 2018 in Hagerstown, MD at the age of 86.

In the mid-70s, Dr. Horrworth helped launch School of Education’s first Reading Center, a funded project with the help of her colleague, Dr. Florence Hesser. The goal was to provide literacy tutoring to children from all corners of the city—from at-risk youth in southeast DC to the White House that included President and Mrs. Carter’s 10-year old daughter Amy.

In the early 80s, Dr. Horrworth authored publications that correlated reading skills with effective age-appropriate activities (Inside Out: Skilpak) to studying how children developed their sense of humor (The role of conceptual thinking in the development of a sense of humor in children, Journal for the Education of the Gifted).

Dr. Horrworth’s passion for reading and literacy in children was magnanimously matched by her spirit of philanthropy. As a member of the George Washington Society, she remained a major donor of the University and its many initiatives as well as the school in which she devoted and contributed almost four decades of accomplishment and commitment. Dr. Horrworth established four endowed funds during the course of her tenure at GSEHD:
  • Marcella Brenner Endowment for Museum Education
    Established in 1982, this endowment fund supports student services, alumni services, professional services and program support for the Museum Education. 
    (Department of Educational Leadership)

  • John Horrworth Children's Literature Collection Endowment
    Established in 1988, this endowment fund supports the purchase of books in children's literature to be integrated into the Gelman Library General Book Collection in the appropriate category and maintained on a circulation basis.
    (The Gelman Library)

  • Sylven Seid Beck Endowment Fund for Elementary Education
    Established in 1996, this endowment fund supports purposes of the graduate program in elementary education. These purposes may include financial assistance to students, research support for faculty, and/or other needs of the program as identified by the program's director with approval from the dean of the school.
    (Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy)

  • John Horrworth Children's Book Award Fund
    Established in 2001, this endowment fund supports up to two cash prizes annually to elementary education students who prevail in a children's book writing contest.  
    (Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy)
Dr. Horrworth will be remembered for her many kindnesses towards colleagues, friends and family, her love of children, her steadfast efforts for social justice, and her vision of every educator’s commitment to reading education.
A celebration of her life will be held at a later date. (Obituary for Dr. Horrworth)
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